For the past few months we've been talking about the local implications the Kansas BDS debate . . .

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (also known as the BDS Movement) is a global campaign promoting various forms of boycott against Israel . . .

Supporters call it "Free Speech" and, strangely, more than a few progressives have agreed with this curious assessment.

As usual, we want to share an alternative and thought provoking perspective . . .

Jacob Millner is senior policy analyst and Midwest director at The Israel Project and a recent community news column he penned not only decimates the "BDS as Free Speech argument" but also offers brilliant insight.

In one of his most salient points and a fact check revealing that this entire hot mess is really about taxpayer cash, he  notes: "States have always been able to determine where state funds are invested and to whom state contracts are awarded." 

For TKC, that's really the heart of the matter and reminds readers that the issue isn't really about the discourse but more accurately relates to allocations and accountability to taxpayers, voters and U.S. policy overall. Elected officials are well within their rights to assert that companies whom they do biz with aren't joining forces against a U.S. ally. These companies can say whatever they like but expecting taxpayer cash as a reward for destructive rhetoric is another proposition altogether.

Here's the argument explained far more eloquently . . .

KC Jewish Chronicle: On BDS, Kansas is on the right side of history

Check the premise . . .

There have been numerous efforts made throughout the years to delegitimize the state of Israel and its core connection to Judaism — a campaign so systemic and enduring that the U.S. State Department considers it a modern-day form of anti-Semitism.

The most insidious of these efforts are not always obvious to the casual observer. Case in point — the push for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

Hiding under the laudable rhetoric of human rights advocacy, proponents of BDS are far more interested in advocating for economic warfare against Israel than they are in promoting the rights of Palestinians.

What is the motivating factor behind this initiative?

The answer is simple — it’s hate. Hatred for Jews and hatred for Israel.

Read the whole thing.

You decide . . .


  1. Billy Tammeus supports this shut. Next to the Pope, nothing he likes to bash more than Israel.

  2. That white phosphorous is the last american export.

  3. Jews control our government, all mainstream media, our currency--so why wouldn't (((they))) control this debate ? It's the same old Jew bullshit, anyone who disagrees with Israeli policies is an "antisemite", a "hater". Simply questioning any aspect of the (((established))) narrative of the Holocau$t is a criminal offence in Europe and the UK. It, too is called "hate speech". Israel receives 8 million dollars a day from American taxpayers--any questions ?

  4. Anti Jews is real and the blacks hate them for stealing their thunder, this is racism pure and simple against the Jewish people, they coloreds have always been jealous of the Jews because their struggle is real, the coloreds have to make theirs up

  5. Am I the only one who noted the insane co-opting of BDS as their nickname? Back in the day, in The Pitch, I believe Savage used that acronyn every week, (when the Pitch was weekly).

    BDS apparently ALSO stands for Bondage/Domination and Submission.

    I can assure you, I'm not into any of those. I had to look it up on The Google, (as John McCain calls it.)

    What were the leaders of this other movement thinking?? Just disconnected from young genx's??

  6. 9:05 if less than 7 or 8 million Jews control over 300 million other citizens, then those 300 million are pretty stupid.

  7. Jews gleefully advocate the flooding of western countries with third world savages while keeping Israel a nice, tidy, ethno-state. All anti-white narratives are Jewish constructs. Watch the documentary "Defamation" on You Tube and open your eyes...!

  8. @9:28 Sheep. Much too trusting. But there are much fewer sheep now than in the past and their numbers are dwindling more and more every day. Former Facebook users are now on free-speech platforms like GAB and VK. Every organized entity on the planet that seeks to censor free speech is a Jewish entity. They are losing that battle, and they are frightened.............!

  9. 9:28, like I said...they are stupid. Thanks for proving my point. They deserve what they get.

  10. I was driving down the street and a guy swerved out of his lane and nearly hit my car. I honked at him and shook my fist in frustration. He slowed down, lowered his window, I pulled alongside, and he said...."What are you, an anti-Semite?"

    I was dining in a restaurant when suddenly the odor of tobacco smoke became overpowering. I motioned to the waiter that a woman sitting across the room had just lit a cigarette and began puffing away. When confronted that she was violating the restaurant and city policy, she stood up and complained loudly that this must be an anti-Semitic establishment.

  11. If it works for the blacks!

  12. It's not antisemitism, it's racism!

    (Hey that works for the Mexicans and Iraqis, should be good for the Jews as well!)


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