Austin Bombing Fear Echos In Kansas City

Local post offices and authorities on alert . . . Read more:

Kansas City area bomb squads on notice after recent Texas bombings

Area bomb squads are watching developments out of Austin, Texas very closely. "It's a concern for everyone," said Officer John Lacy with Overland Park police. "Even in Overland Park. A person like this, he's very dangerous." The bombings in Texas are causing widespread reverberations.


  1. double down distractions3/20/18, 10:01 PM

    bombs in texas, school shooter in maryland (thankfully taken down by armed officer), etc.... be prepared for more carnage now that the deep state is in deep shit

  2. Bombing in KCMO?
    Not likely.
    What counts a BIG news in KC is THE streetcar breaks down, another "developer" gets huge subsidies, or yet another new coffee shop opens.
    The city that never sleeps.

  3. "The bombings in Texas are causing widespread reverberations." That would be a clever pun it its author meant "reverberations" literally. Which is doubtful.


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