Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Anti-Pr0n Crusade Redux Attempts To Hijack Kansas City Royals Spring Training

While the team should be more concerned about how they're going to deal with a gutted out roster and less money from the front office . . . Here's culture war politics making another play for hometown support from this heavily taxpayer subsidized team . . . Checkit:

The Royals are teaching their players to take a stand against ... pornography?

All throughout spring training camps in Florida and Arizona, MLB teams bring in motivational speakers and guest instructors to help their players, especially their young players. The New York Yankees brought in Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson for that very reason. So he could rub elbows with their young players and be a positive influence.


Anonymous said...

Well Tony, you make a good point. You'd think they'd be concentrating on winning. They are in the final analysis just ENTERTAINERS!

Anonymous said...

War against porn.

Dayton, do your job and stop trying to run for congress.

Anonymous said...

Ask David Glass what he thinks about Detroit strip clubs??

Anonymous said...

Baseball has been very very good to me a player was quoted as saying. He also went on to say that the wives and girlfriends of baseball fans have been even better to him.