Another 'She's A Pistol' Life Sentence

Kansas City crime commuted to Shawnee and claimed a biz and the life of a gun seller. Here's today's latest update on the tragic story:

Man sentenced to life in prison plus 48 months for murder at She's a Pistol

A judge sentenced Nicquan Midgyett to life in prison, without the possibility of parole for 25 years, plus an additional 48 months, for his role in the homicide at She's a Pistol. Jon Bieker was killed at the She's A Pistol gun store in Shawnee, Kansas on January 9, 2015.


  1. Not to worry, some future loony liberal federal judge will set him free because the prison provides too few TV channels.

  2. And of course a black judge, The colored look out for the colored because the whole reason they have all the social issues in life is because they cant get over the PAST that they have never lived, and the sad thing for them as human beings is... they all waste their life, and kill their own because they wasted all their time filled with hate on something that happened way before their time. I have some great African American friends who are so disappointed in their race just as I am in mine for making exscuses to be lazy, entiltled and thinking they are owed anything without earning it. Ignorance and being a fucking moron no matter the race is the real problem.

  3. He looks a bit uncomfortable, hope it last a life time scum bucket.

  4. GOOD only they ALL Deserve the DEATH PENALTY within the next 72 hours, NO Exceptions !!!!! NO Debate !!!

    1. Totally agree 11:05. Hopefully they’ll each get shanked in the shower so our tax dollars don’t have to support them for years to come.

  5. Let’s ask his momma about his big future college life and career he had and how he was such a good boy. Then, shove that narrative down everyone’s throats and blame the local police department for the murders.


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