Amid Violence Spike & Admitted Dearth Of Consequences For Criminals: Jackson County Prosecutor 'Mean Jean' Peters Baker Starts 'Caring' For Kansas City Crime Survivors

The municipal presser du jour offers a kinder & gentler approach to community outreach during a deadly homicide spike.

Meanwhile locals continue to want the leading legal lady to crackdown on violent offenders.

Here's today's word:

Caring for Crime Survivors, initiated by the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office, will place a special emphasis on gun violence victims. The program is intended to help the survivors of crime and possibly build better relations between law enforcement, the criminal justice system and the victims of crime.

"This program will place an emphasis on helping crime survivors," Baker said. "We are doing it before a case is filed and even if a case is never filed."

Too often, Baker explained, the witnesses of violent acts, including shootings, have little support. As a result, some of these victims may believe that the system doesn't work for them and it offers them no comfort. Baker said she hopes this program sends a new message to those victims of crime.

Check the links . . .

KCUR: Jackson County Prosecutor Won't Wait Any Longer To Help Gun Violence Survivors

Fox4: Thanks to a $100,000 grant from COMBAT, Jackson County's Community-Based Anti-Drug Sales Tax, trained workers from the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime will knock on the doors of shooting victims offering them in-home counseling, repairs for gunshot damage to their homes and even buy them groceries.

KMBZ: Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said she hopes this program sends a message to those don't feel the 'system' works for them or offers no comfort.

Will It Work???

You decide . . .


  1. Corruption Lives In Jackson County3/28/18, 5:29 PM

    Every time a child is abused in Jackson County, Denny Waits makes money. Denny cut a deal with Caleb Clifford. Check the record of who Jackson County refers cases to?

  2. I hope she cares for the victims more than she cares for the criminals, of course we know that won’t happen

  3. I thought her job was to prosecute criminals?

    When will she start actually sending these punks to jail, that might prove she cares for the victims

  4. she has put on weight

  5. I always thought Caleb would try to cut a corrupt deal with Denny.

  6. What's a Denny Waits? Some kind of new restaurant?

  7. Besnirched, Bothered and Bemildewed3/28/18, 5:49 PM

    So let me get this straight - the County Legislature took the COMBAT funds out of Frank White's (and all subsequent Executives') hands and gave them to Jean Peters Baker so she could buy Groceries for the "survivors of violence"?

    Are all you Franken-haters okay with that?

  8. Mean Jean is yummy.

  9. @5:49pm is right.
    Take money from the $20 million/year COMBAT slush fund, which is supposedly there for crime reduction, anti-drug, and drug treatment programs and use it to buy things for the victims of crime that these very programs did nothing to prevent.
    You really can't make this stuff up.
    And there ready to receive the money are totally ineffective and unaccountable "organizations" like ad Hoc, all of which are happy to suddenly be able to provide whatever services are needed as long as the tax money gravy train keep flowing.
    KCMO is already above the number of murders ytd as in 2017.
    Are you sure only $20 million is going to be enough?

  10. It is always worth repeating, Jean Petersucker Baker is the most worthless prosecutor ever. Her lack of skill and effort contributes greatly to our high crime rate. Jean Petersucker Baker sucks

  11. She has put on weight because she sits on her ass all day doing nothing.

  12. Uh, sure, when there's too much month left between next month's reload to EBT, just shoot out the window. Or, hell, yeah, a BBQ with a big birthday cake can happen now, just blast one through the door in the dark at midnight. Wow! Here comes the counselors, clean-ups, and a cart full of groceries.

  13. ^^Boring. Dull. Third-grade level work. Try harder. You lost the reader first sentence in.

  14. If she cared about the victims then why doesnt she prosecute the suspects so the victims/families have some closure


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