AG Hawley Vs. Guv Greitens Charity

Our blog community tells us that this move might actually hurt the Senate campaign of the Republican hopeful . . . Read more:

Hawley steps up pressure in Mission Continues inquiry

Attorney General Josh Hawley announced he's issued 15 subpoenas as part of an investigation into how Gov. Eric Greitens' campaign received a fundraising list from a veterans charity he founded. He also said he would fight any attempt by Greitens to use "executive privilege" in the matter.


  1. Funny how Greitens called the prosecutor names... and one of his cronies asked about driving a clown...she is outsmarting him and looks like he will be the one needing new lawyers...what an idiot!


    Here is the national trend... too bad for Greitens... looks like He is Missouri’s Rod Blagojevich. He is the laughingstock of the nation. I still recall his ad where he was shooting a gun in a pond at

  3. Josh Hawley is running a fucking farce here.

    Just a Bolshevik purge by Comrade Josh.

    What a cuck. Undermining a rightfully elected governor to cozy up to the RINOs and commies that play identity politics and protecting illegals.

    He is being exposed for the liberal elite he really is.

  4. Bolshevik? Lol
    His own party hates him... least popular gov in generations.
    Three separate investigations.
    Enough is enough.
    Bolshevik? You mean Blagojevich!


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