At a recent Kansas City concert, Lorde claimed that "Royals is our song" . . . It was supposed to be a sweet moment as this cowtown desperately attempts to cling to even a modicum of notoriety. However, now it seems that Kansas City is affiliated with an unwitting proponent of the Anti-Israel BDS movement who hasted the end of her 15-minutes of fame.

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Lorde's Decision to Boycott Israel Seems to Have Really Hurt....Lorde

Roger Friedman is a well-known American film critic and entertainment news journalist. As such, he probably knows what he is talking about when it comes to the entertainment industry. In a recent scathing column, he reports how NZ pop star Lorde's US tour is a bust - and he thinks he knows why.


  1. Another delusional entertainer who believes low-to-moderate talent makes them an authority on ethics, ConLaw or international affairs.

  2. ^^Ugh. Wrong. This had really nothing to do with Israel. That is only a convenient crutch the author uses to beat her over the head. The real culprit? She's a one hit wonder! Sure the hit was massive, but not massive enough to fill arenas nightly! Sometimes the most obvious answer is the right one. As the author said himself in the story, Roger Waters also boycotts Israel and it doesn't seem to hurt his concert attendance much does it? Mostly sold out everywhere. Why doesn't the Israel boycott hurt him?

  3. The criminal, apartheid state of Israel is being boycotted by much of the world. Zionist Jews control all mainstream media in the US so it's no surprise that that this woman is being insulted and belittled. Israel controls our government, which is why it's now ILLEGAL (see SB 70) to boycott Israel while having any contracts with the US Federal Government. A similar law is in place in Kansas and is being challenged by a member of the Mennonite Church, which is participating in this International Boycott.

  4. Fuck the Mennonites and the Amish and as always, Allah sucks goat dick.

  5. 10:04 there are only around 7 million Jews in the United States.

    If they really control over 300 Million Americans, then the non jews are pretty fucking stupid.

    Its obvious you are.

  6. Lorde Almighty! A walking, breathing hate crime that the town is willing to pay to see. OMG! Someone call Allie Shapingtonstein.

  7. @10:57 Sure, I just made all of that up, right ? America had no enemies in the Middle East before there was an Israel. Israel receives 8 million dollars a day from the US...I guess I made that up too, right ? All incoming US Congressmen receive a free, all-expenses-paid trip to Israel for them and their families when they are elected. AIPAC is by far the most powerful lobby in our nation's capital and SB 70 is literal proof of that fact. Americans have been fighting Israel's enemies in the Middle East for decades now with no real end in sight. Does understanding and pointing out these facts really make me "stupid" ? Next, you'll be screeching "anti semite". The Truth Is Antisemetic.

  8. Mixing a few truths in with a lot of lies is a common tactic to deceive. It does not make you stupid (necessarily), but it does make you dishonest.

  9. @12:13 Weak...can't you be specific ?


  10. Genesis 12; 1-3

    I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you.

    Christians United For Israel! No one will ever defeat Israel!


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