Saturday, March 10, 2018

ACLU Stays Winning Courtroom Debate In Kansas SecSate Kobach Voter Fraud Trial

Again . . . Kansas politicos say that it's an "eventuality" that this case is a loser. Here's another sign of bad tiding for proponents of a voter crackdown. Checkit: Top ACLU Voting Rights Lawyer Rips Into Trump Expert's Evidence Of Voter Fraud


Anonymous said...

Goodness, Kansas, how embarrassing for your next Governor!
He's going to need your sympathy and support, or he's going to look even more like a self-serving Idiot who picked an non-issue to try to "Ride To Glory" on.

How's he ever going to make it out of Kansas and onto the National Stage this way?

Tracy Thomas said...

Not sure about kobach in Ks....but we should all be wary of California. their new plan is to register everyone to vote when then get or renew their driver's license!

Now California still offers licenses to illegals. Whereas Kansas stoped that practice about six years ago, according to an acquaintance, a home services contractor who does excellent work, who is not legal.

I asked, "What do you do?" and he said, "My friends and co-workers for a major company here in Joco--we drive VERY carefully. We buy car insurance from Progressive, at an inflated rate, in Kansas. But if we are stopped, we do not have a DL. That is why in case of an accident, there are more hit and run drivers. We are increasingly afraid of ICE. Even tho our American bosses would lose their business if we were all deported. We are their entire crew! We do very fine work. And we've tried for over ten years to become citizens."

I asked if he voted, and he said, "Of course not. That would be dangerous to my family's wellbeing. My kids are American. They will vote eventually."

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice guy Tracy, if ICE catches him, can we keep him and trade him for Kobach?

Anonymous said...

Nope there is no voter fraud in America according to the libtards. That is why we have states ran by libtards allowing illegals to get drivers licenses and then passing legislation making those with drivers licenses to vote. Election abuse is being made perfectly legal.