Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Youngsters Targeted For Death In JoCo???

Domestic drama aftermath and reports of a scary family crisis that almost proved fatal in an otherwise quiet part of town . . . Read more as a woman is now in custody:

Olathe police investigating attempted homicide of 3 children

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Olathe police are investigating the attempted homicide of three children. Police were called to the 1700 block of North Lennox Street just after 7 p.m. Monday. The children's mother told police they ingested something meant to harm them.


Anonymous said...

"Calling Doctor Debra Green." "Calling Doctor Debra Green."
"Report to the Poison Control Center...STAT!"

Anonymous said...

Triple murder suicide by rat poison, clever and unique.

Anonymous said...

She brought you into this world, she can take you out.

Anonymous said...

Ain't Sec 8s in JoCo great?