Friday, February 02, 2018


Yesterday, a truck fire kept a major local traffic artery closed for more than 20 hours and today our blog community offers insight and a resource on the topic of more road trouble on the way.

Here's the word . . .


The biggest traffic horror show in recent history around here began last night. If we're lucky, it will clear up in a few weeks as drivers learn to deal with it. If we're not lucky, it could be hell for the next couple of years or so.

Basically, if you are in downtown KCMO and want to travel west to KCK or Kansas in general, expect lots of problems, especially during peak driver confusion ... meaning now and the next few weeks.

Traveling EAST from Kansas into Missouri shouldn't be a problem. Theoretically.

They're gonna tear down and replace the 1.5-mile WESTBOUND Lewis & Clark Viaduct, which carries the westbound lanes of Interstate 70 over the West Bottoms. As of last night (Thursday night), it is closed to traffic. To go WEST into Kansas from downtown KCMO, your only options now are Interstate 670 or Interstate 35. The 22,000 westbound vehicles that formerly used the viaduct every day, including lots of big-ass trucks, will be joining you on these detours.

This prehistoric viaduct was built in 1907. On Wikipedia there is a photo of of horses pulling wagons over it, no sh*t.

For nicely done maps and diagrams of detours and the new traffic flow, see the MoDOT site.

Better download a copy of that and print it for future reference.


Anonymous said...

Don't play the crybaby too much. Things are only going to get worse as the weather gets nicer.

Or if we have more truck crashes.

Anonymous said...

Woodswether road to the west from River Quay takes you to KCK under Lewis & Clark. Twelfth street bridge east to Central street bridge will also get you to Approximately 7th & Central KCK but don’t say the only options are the two mentioned.

Anonymous said...

There’s really only two problems with our traffic:
1. Chicks should not text and drive. I also have actually seen chicks driving erratically and then noticed that the whore was putting on makeup while she was driving
2.Mexicans should not be allowed to drive at all. They are too stupid and don’t understand signs.

Thank fucking God that millenials let their mom drive them everywhere until there about 35.

Anonymous said...

And all this is different from any other Summer how?

Anonymous said...

And I 435 East construction in OP starts in just a few weeks. AGGGHHHHHHHHH!

Anonymous said...

All geezers, get off the road! Turn in your driver's license! You are the worst! That is all!

Anonymous said...

670 and lewis and clark parrallel each other.
This city, by comparison, has the easiest traffic situation around.
Tear down Lewis and Clark. Don't rebuild.
It's an eyesore.

Tracy Thomas said...

Does KC have a Waze app?
That's what my friends use in SF and LA--
up to date feedback and navigation, including detours that work.

The Woodsweather secret route from River Quay (LOL, back when there was free parking in the ladidah City Market area) is excellent solution.

Thank you, 8:24. Why don't you start signing in as Woodsweather Man?

Wave to the homeless under the bridges. Coming soon--a new flock of bums with newer cardboard signs. They might even relocate from Brush Creek and Main. But will leave the Canadian geese behind...

Anonymous said...

Is this chick drunk? She is always incoherent. Get off the sauce, honey..

Anonymous said...

Definitely drunk

Anonymous said...

7th Street North through the hood to Fairfax. Over the Platte Purchase bridge east into North Kansas City, Heart of America or Paseo Bridge into downtown.

Anonymous said...

Or...the Broadway Bridge.