Tuesday, February 06, 2018


Take a look at a fascinating breakdown of Kansas City mayoral campaign spending for strategy, database work and management by a prominent East side politico . . .

TKC Reader: Councilman Scott Taylor Ventures Into KCMO East-Side

It's 2018, and that means it's time to check in on the candidates for KCMO mayor.

So, Councilman and Mayoral candidate Scott Taylor paid $13,325.00 to "Hazley and Associates" for campaign work? Who are Hazley and Associates?

From their online profile:

"Hazley & Associates, LLC is a consulting firm specializing in research, evaluation and strategic planning. Our current focus is education institutions who desire innovative, comprehensive solutions to curriculum and community engagement problems."

(A Hazley honcho) was recently named to the new board of directors of the Central City Economic Development Sales Tax Board. Board members will oversee revenues generated by a new one-eighth-cent citywide sales tax that voters approved in April 2017 to promote economic development along the Prospect Avenue corridor. The tax will last for 10 years and is expected to generate more than $8 million per year.

Here's a KKFI radio program featuring attorney David Bell, who served as registered agent for Hazley and Associates, LLC, and Melissa Patterson Hazley, Ph.D.

If this all seems a bit perplexing, then you know how I feel.

Perhaps Councilman Scott Taylor could explain to the public what he purchased for $13,325.00 in campaign dollars.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

“Central City Economic Development Sales Tax Board” “promote economic development along the Prospect Avenue corridor” this ain’t the east side, this is ghetto land central core, the real east siders are offended by these lies!

Anonymous said...

They’ve been spending tens of millions of dollars on the “prospect corridor” for over twenty years now, what have we gotten for our money so far? NOTHING! Murders and crime are out of control and they keep giving away money like it’s going out of style. The crooked ass pastor at Morningstar church on 27th st has received and continues to get his kick backs, time to end the wasteful giving away of our money to the crooks in the central core!

Anonymous said...

Several reasons why economic development will not occur in the inner city. First and most important is crime. No business can survive when they are constantly robbed and their customers and employees fear for their safety. Second the amount of regulation and taxes are just too much for a small business with little capital to survive. Last among too many blacks there is simply not a culture for any business outside of the political and non profit world.

One can point to some exceptions to these generalizations but the fact remains there are not a lot of mom and pop businesses in the inner city. Yet no one is addressing the above issues, instead they look to more government spending to somehow change 50 years of decline.

Tracy Thomas said...

Do you refer, Tony, to Charles D. Hazley, from the KCMO Council in the 70's during the Wheeler years?

The tall,nattily dressed (now there's an archaic term) bookish thinker as compared to many of the other "East side" council or commission folk, like my brash friend, Carol Coe?

Jerry Jette, Wheeler's admin. assistant who ran all his campaigns save the one he lost to Dick Berkley, loved to drawl out the name, like Southern comfort...."Greetings, Chaaaaaarles! What can the City do for you today??"

If memory serves, was Chaaaarles involved with Don Maxwell in developing retail? The Linwood Plaza effort? Hoping to bring fresh groceries to the east side--long before Jim Glover nagged the council into supporting the great Costco solution?

I'll have to check. Was he ever part of plans to redevelop The Landing at 63rd St.??

I haven't heard his name in decades. Such an exciting time, 2018. So much power to be re-wielded. So many former power players like Sanders and Frank White disgraced. Time for the back bench to stand up and suit up!

Jerry Wyatt--please weigh in here, albeit as Anon. Cardarella! You have a steel trap mind for these things. And you had a front row seat and know ALL the players, because Kathryn Shields was ON the Council back then. Fill us in.

Anonymous said...

Hazley and associates = the late former councilman Charles Hazley's relative and the Associates are Freedom Inc. selected members. Same scam as Gayle Holliday and Associates and the scams go on

Anonymous said...

Buying votes even this early in the election campaign gives everyone a hint as to just how little change Taylor represents.
So many grifters.
So little time.

Real KC said...

Good comments by everybody. This is why Scott should really think about running for county executive instead!

Anonymous said...

Melissa Patterson Hazley has a Phd in Educational Psychology ( Education). I Her consultanting expertise would make more sense if Taylor was seeking a slot on a school board. Her training and credentials have no standing whatsoever in relation to political science, political consulting, or urban city planning and development. Ph.D's should stay in their narrow zones of training in order to be credible.

Tracy Thomas said...

Thank you, 8:54.

I suppose FreedomIncSetAside.com domain was already taken???

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA this/these guys and gals will say anything to get on the focking taxpayer/kickback trough.

Anonymous said...

If he wins, does Cathy have to work a full day for a full day's pay?

Anonymous said...

scott has over $300,000 on hand. He is the front runner for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Front runner for prison. He knows that Cathy was tied into the Sanders-ring. Labor is pissed.