Thursday, February 15, 2018


In addition to bringing back his idea about aerial gondolas, Clay Chastain hopes to help revive The Country Club Plaza as well. Take a look:

Clay Chastain: Virtues of the "Smart Rail" system (as opposed to the City's dumb rail system) as proposed in "Green Transit" Petition Initiative

In order to revitalize and repopulate the central city it must be incorporated with a smart green... rail / electric bus / cycling system (working in tandem) that will transport passengers between the area’s major destinations, employment centers and neighborhoods. No other surrounding cities or suburban communities would be able to match Kansas City’s new “Green Transit” system and the improved quality of life it affords.

Though successful, Kansas City’s downtown streetcar system is a dumb rail system (operates slowly in traffic, has no signal priority apparatus on board, has overhead wires and stops every few blocks). When that rail system is expanded out of the dense downtown area it must be transformed into a “Smart Rail” system that allows streetcars to operate at far faster speeds (they can actually reach 45 mph) and become a much more effective transit system. To accomplish this the “Green Transit” petition proposes operating Kansas City’s streetcars in a new Kansas City “Greenway” where the new "high-performance" streetcars would… operate separated from traffic, have signal priority, be wireless, make fewer stops and run adjacent to a dedicated pedestrian / cycling lane.
In order to offset the loss of not having so many time consuming station stops (like the downtown streetcar system has) each “Smart Rail” station will employ a pioneering autonomous (driverless) electric shuttle bus system to transport passengers to nearby secondary destinations not directly served by the rail system and get them close to their final destinations (home). Each station will also be equipped with bike rentals to further expand the service area around the rail stations and along the "Greenway" itself.

The "Smart Rail" / Walking / Cycling “Greenway” would stretch from Union Station (or perhaps even the Missouri River if the current streetcar system is also transformed into “Smart Rail”) to its terminus at the Kansas City Zoo / Starlight Theatre / Soccer Village Complex in Swope Park. It will be spectacular and facilitate a great presentation of some of Kansas City’s finest assets.

To significantly lower construction costs and provide a beautiful setting the Greenway will share attractive road space, displace inappropriate road space, replace blighted road space, utilize grassy medians of city boulevards, use an existing right-of-way in Mill Creek Park and incorporate a small sliver of Kansas City’s abundant park land.

Though it does little to improve the City’s transit system, Mayor Sly James has touted the impressive economic development numbers generated by Kansas City’s downtown streetcar system. That is a good thing for Downtown Kansas City. However, the 8-mile “Smart Rail” system would not only out shine whatever those economic numbers are, but it also comes with far greater transit value in terms of boosting overall transit ridership, improving transit times and helping Kansas City secure federal matching transit and infrastructure improvement funds.

Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

I am tired of hearing about this fake teeth retard. He doesn’t even live here and always has plans that never happen. Get the fuck out, retard.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to flush that shit-head. His fucked up, hair-brained ideas are no where near financially possible. He's always counting on getting government money that he cannot guarantee we'll get.

It's a real shame that he wastes so much of his life to this. How many months and years has he taken away from his life and his family on this? Really think something is mentally off with this dude.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no shit. I used to kinda think maybe he was ok; however, he's appears to be nuttier than a junk yard dog. Goofy fucker...

Anonymous said...

Clay may sound a bit out there but when compared to the City Counsel and its Street Car expansion, I favor his plan.
The UMKC street car expansion would be partially financed by a few residents who live in the Taxing District which is 6 blocks on either side of Main Street along this route. This property tax increase was supposedly voted on by residents in this district. In actually, the vote was a scam created by the City to restrict opposition. As bad as Trump is on the other side of the political spectrum, The Council is every bit as bad.

Anonymous said...

Chastain is just one of a very long list of "futurists" and urban planners with lots of big ideas of how to spend millions of dollars of other people's money.
The streetcar gang is only the most obvious of the many other grifters, insiders, and hangers-on who are constantly hanging out at city hall looking for a contract, job, or funding for their latest dream.
It's too bad that the electeds find the courage and common sense to say "no" so rarely.
How's Mike's new hotel coming?

Anonymous said...

Clay Chastain is right that the streetcar is not the future of mass transit. It's old technology, slow-moving and has lots of problems. High-speed rapid transit on dedicated rail lines is the way to go and that is the model used by other cities. People don't realize how dreadfully long a trip on the streetcar from downtown to UMKC would be. Buses move faster.

Anonymous said...

I think he has missed one idea TUNNEL through the limestone from the river to Bannister and run giant elevators up from the transit tunnel to the ground surface. No snow no traffic, sell the limestone you drill out for the train to run. TOOOOOOOT Toot Toot