Today Mayor & Council take a moment to resist the agenda of Prez Trump and proposed cuts to beloved programs.

Background . . .

(Prez) Trump Seeks to Cut Education Budget by 5 Percent, Expand School Choice Push

To wit . . .


Again, we would be remiss if we didn't mention that the current Mayoral Administration is willing to publicly berate anybody who advocates for more police dispatchers in budget talks closer to home.

Still, this "same day" bit of municipal backlash against the Prez deserves a mention for denizens on both sides of the political aisle and because it's a sign that Council Dude Taylor is stepping up his efforts to try and distinguish himself from the other Scott running for mayor.

Check the text . . .

Protesting President Trump's proposed cuts to 22 arts, education, and science programs and agencies.

WHEREAS, it is irresponsible to propose elimination of 22 agencies that include arts programs, climate change programs and other development programs important to cities; and

WHEREAS, the President and the Federal government should not be eliminating important arts institutions such as the National Endowment for the Arts and PBS, which serve many that otherwise would not have the opportunity to enjoy and be enriched by the arts, the first item to often be cut from tight school budgets; and

WHEREAS, proposed cuts would negatively impact programs that support before and after school programming, climate change and energy initiatives, legal services for low-income individuals, national wildlife refuge, community development, and many more . . .

Read the resolution in it's entirety.

Accordingly . . .

While standing up for more school money will earn widespread support . . . The NEA has a much more "complex" legacy . . . Either way, this is the latest example of City Hall weighing in on the national discourse and ongoing culture war.

You decide . . .


  1. Considering the current debt load in KCMO. I'm hoping Councilman Taylor is more concerned with what we're going to do when interest rates begin to climb even higher.

  2. Fuck the lying mayor and council. The only things they know how to do is lie, steal and bankrupt the city. And Jolie knows how to eat pussy. That’s it.

  3. I have a bold idea! Let the parents start paying for school instead of having the government do it. We’ll see how fast they decide they don’t need those classes!

  4. You get what you pay for, if you ain’t payin, you ain’t gettin!

  5. Well, well, perhaps some rich hypocrites can help pay for what the kiddies lack for their education. Notice all the big,fat funds that American taxpayers are spending on G-men with GUNS to protect 24/7 those two very wealthy former first ladies, and plenty of other GUN-BASHER BIMBOS & BUFFOONS who are escorted by ARMED SECURITY. HotAir Hilly and MegaMouth Moochelle are yapping their two-faced pieholes, admonishing Trump and everyone else who suggests discussion about guards with guns at schools. FUKABUNCHA hypocrites!

  6. A mayor and city council that cannot run a city trying to tell everyone else how to run a country. They have every right to comment on federal matters but the citizens hired them to solve the city's problems, not spend their time campaigning at the federal level.

  7. Where the hell was Scott Taylor when the Mayor gave Cerner a $1.75 billion dollar TIF, or his patron Burns & McD a $30 million dollar TIF. That’s money pulled directly out of schools, libraries, parks and from the blind deaf and mentally handicapped.
    He is was nowhere.
    The guy is a worthless empty suit who pretends he cares.

  8. NEA and PBS never did anything for me. Screw them!

  9. It's time for the philanthropy groups to step and support the arts many are giving money to politicians campaigns. And it's in the billions. Start supporting your community.

  10. Climate change classes? Nigga please ...

  11. Captain America2/22/18, 3:55 PM

    You're a charter city for fuck sake, you bleed enough money off the state already and now you're bitching about federal funds too? PBS is the public broadcasting system and sink or swim, they should be public funded by the public. And NEA has done more to destroy traditional American values over the years than Obama was able to accomplish from the presidential public. I don't want to nickel of my tax money going to fund that.

  12. Millions more need to be added to schools.
    Shiny new buildings will help teachers and kids.
    Better school lunches of caviar can help.
    Let’s mortgage the farm and give teachers 6 figures salaries.. Scott Boras can help... just ask Hosmer... or if he declines maybe ask Cleaver.

  13. Good ideas. Lest implement them all.

  14. The City Council charging anybody with bad governance is like the Keystone Kops criticizing the NYPD's investigations. (I was going to say the FBI's, but the Keystone Kops might be right about that one.)

  15. 2:40 That is a fantastic idea! That way with an uneducated populace we can become a third world country and all the wonderful things that encompasses. Instead of a thriving economy we'll become subsistence farmers. I mean, who doesn t want to become Mexico, Afghanistan, or Ethiopia? Seriously, is it painful to be that fucking stupid? Of all things useful that taxes go to, nothing is more useful than education. Here's the kicker, I bet you went to public school.

  16. Kurt Russell2/22/18, 5:27 PM

    eff the marxist npr also

  17. 5:26 I grew up poor but my parents busted their ass’s off to make sure me and my five brothers and sisters went to private schools. So if my poor broke ass parents did it, so can everybody else. I in turn have done the same for my daughter except she got to go to college where as I didn’t, my choice. There’s too many parents over the last ten years or so that won’t work that hard, they want the government to pay for everything. If you want the government run and paid for schools telling you and your kids what they can and can’t learn that’s your problem.

  18. The C.O.K.E (cost of kid educated) is approx $30,000. COKE needs to be reduced by elimination wasteful spending.
    PEPSI (People Enraged Perplexed @ Stupid Individuals) have wanted to reduce COKE in schools for years. If PEPSI can get COKE lowered - schools will be better off.

  19. Yup! The most mismanaged school district on earth is Trumps fault. I guess someone figured out that American tax payers have been wasting their money. What a shame the locals don't get a clue.

  20. Yep. It is Trump’s fault. You got that right.

  21. When I see a school district such as Shawnee Mission paying the top dog 250k a year with a 1k a month car allowance I have to start thinking maybe education cuts are needed or maybe salary caps of some sort. I mean lets be truthful here just how much more demanding can a administrator's job be over a teaching position. Plus they should be an at will hire and when they quit or are let go there are no huge cash payouts that seems to be the norm anymore.

  22. Seriously Super Dave?

    The third biggest school district in KS with 33 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 5 high school, plus votech and alternative locations. Educating 27,500 students with lifetime learning skills utilizing over 2,000 teachers. Additionally, responsible for community activities via extracurricular sports, arts, science and other programs.

    What would a CEO of a private company with such so much responsibility earn?

    I'm betting the car allowance would be a private jet allowance and the stock options would exceed 7 figures.

    At $250K, we're getting the job done well on the cheap.

  23. ^^^^^I agree with Dave he is by 100k over paid in my opinion.

  24. Fuck Shawnee schools. A baboon in a blindfold could walk through that mess and save 5 million a year just firing the celebrities, movers and shakers and trimming the fat.


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