Thursday, February 08, 2018


Take a look at this effort from Congressman Cleaver that works to thwart alternative funding for haters using new tech . . .

Congressman Cleaver Urges Cryptocurrency Companies to Monitor Extremist Groups

Cleaver writes to Bitcoin and other organizations imploring them to ensure bitcoin services are not used to harm Americans

(Washington D.C.) – Today, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-MO) sent letters to the Bitcoin Foundation and the Chamber of Digital Commerce, calling for these entities to do more in efforts to prevent extremist groups from using cryptocurrency to fund campaigns of hate and violence.

“It is clear to me that cryptocurrency technology has the opportunity to play an influential role in finance as technology evolves. However, we must be diligent in ensuring this technology is not being used to support groups that wage campaigns of hate, abuse, anti-Semitism, discrimination, or violence, “said Congressman Cleaver.

Following the deadly rally in Charlottesville last year, digital payment companies have worked to prevent their platforms from being utilized by hateful or violent extremists. However, many of these bad actors have started to rely on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It was recently reported that the head of a white nationalist movement stated that, “Bitcoin is the currency of the alt-right.”

“It is not my intention to stifle this growing technological industry, but rather work with them to root out these nefarious groups. I look forward to working with the Bitcoin Foundation and the Chamber of Digital Commerce in attempts to eliminate bigoted organizations from fundraising on their platforms,” Cleaver continued.

Congressman Cleaver has been an advocate for fighting discrimination in the tech industry and for greater accountability by social media platforms.

In November of 2017, Congressman Cleaver and Congresswoman Watson Coleman wrote to the Internet Association (IA) demanding accountability from the organization. The letter can be read here. The members urged the organization to stop the spread of racial and gender bias through technology and adopt practices to hold IA members accountable when it comes to the rise of Artificial Intelligence technology and the use of potentially discriminatory algorithms. IA responded and created a new role and inclusion initiative within its organization to work on discrimination issues and diversity in the tech industry.

In October of 2017, Congressman Cleaver and Congresswoman Watson Coleman sent a letter to Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, encouraging him to take immediate action to combat the spread of racially divisive communications and take seriously the threat of foreign entities’ use of the site to undermine American democracy. Twitter responded by stating it would enforce new policies to ban racist and violent posts from its platform.

Cleaver was also among members of the Congressional Black Caucus who met with, Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, to discuss allegations that Russian-backed agencies exploited the company’s system to influence the outcome of the 2016 election through the spread of racial and discriminatory messaging. Facebook responded with a series of policy changes and has since appointed its first African American to its Board of Directors.

The Letter to the Chamber of Digital Commerce can be found here.
The Letter to the The Bitcoin Foundation can be found here.


Anonymous said...

More concerned about drug dealers and terrorists who are also using crypto.

The only upside is that they're gonig to lose a lot of cash by dealing in bitcoin given the volitility. Sadly, the black market for currency is proped up by these kind of people.

Anonymous said...

Buyer beware on bitcoin. If creeps lose a lot of money on it, it's their loss and no one else.

Midtown KC Chester said...

What I like now is all the broke losers who claim they got in on bitcoin at $10. Sure, sure you did.

Anonymous said...

I got in on bitcoin when it was trading at 27 cents and now I'm a paper billionaire ready to take on the world with my vast wealth. If only I could find a way to cash out.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Lulz.

Sell me your bitcoin. I'll exchange them for equal value in wooden nickles.

Anonymous said...

But who monitors Cleaver?

Anonymous said...

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Anonymous said...

Oh the big white boogeymen is chasing cleaver again. He is like the al sharpton of congress.

Anonymous said...

black lives matter and antifa are the first ones on the list.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Cleaver going all in for the "watch on wicked whiteys who might be breaking bad wid da bitcoin to bash on blackies!"

How about Carwash get back to minding Mudzoory's schools, roads, employment, commerce, and EGADS--violent crimes!!!

Anonymous said...

He hasn't a clue anything works. Carwashes, bitcoin, anything.

Indian Creek Hate Crime Victims said...

The SPLC is a REAL hate group.

Hate crimes and hate groups are, with few exceptions, HATE WHITEY GROUPS who operate with the outright support of idiots like Cleaver, who think that no one notices who is actually bleeding in the streets, thanks to ACTUAL hate crimes committed by blacks.

Fuck off you miserable fuckin shithead.

Anonymous said...

Maybe congressman Carwash can use bitcoin to pay his taxes

Anonymous said...

Do theys take cryptos at the CAR WASH?

DeBergerac said...

I'd like to see the US Treasury re-design the Hundred Dollar Bill, then set a date, say six months out, after which the "old" currency will have no value.

Then the FBI and IRS can just set back and see where the money being exchanged for the new and valid currency comes from.

That should provide job security for FBI and IRS Agents for about twenty to thirty years.

Anonymous said...

BitCoin, ShmitCoin, "Isn't worth a Shitcoin".

Anonymous said...

The next big thing always goes bust.

Savings & Loans
Arthur Anderson (these guys were punks)

You're not looking for an investment, you're trying to win the lottery. You will lose, & you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Derivatives will sink greedy people again. It's all paper money. Like Bit Coin.

For once DeBergerac I agree with a very small part of that post. It will make Gold ,Silver,H2O,Bullets and Spam soar !

Anonymous said...

Cleaver is a joke, the only thing worse is if Sly whacks him and takes his place.

Retro ROCKER said...

What is Cleaver going to say when the stock market hits the bottom. Trillions are being lost the baby boomers are being wiped out. The Big banks have losses they aren't reporting,And the smart money shorting the market,are making a the Millions,and the so,called experts,are saying don't get out of your I.R.A.THE REAL ESTATE MARKETS ARE GOING DOWN NEXT.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Good question Retro. Thank you for being one of the few voices of reason on this blog.

Keep on rockin in the free world!

Retro ROCKER said...

The Banks are holding an sum of bad derivatives large sum that are bad to big to fail all over again. ..And The downtown Hotel that is being built I wish them luck. By time it is Built there will vary few conventions,And the few tourist will stay in the suburbs. Were hotel prices are more reasonable. And not to mention hi per inflation. The bubble has burst. Come on you don't expect the market to go to fifty thousand it is over valued.

Anonymous said...

Who knows??? Woo HOOooooahhh.
Stock water!

DeBergerac said...

Retro Rocker, money doesn't go away!
Every dollar "lost" in the Market goes into someone's pocket, usually the Fund Manager's and Banker's. What you may be missing is that, ever since Reagan revoked the prohibitions against Leveraged Buyouts, long-term Investment Planning has become an impossibility, and therefore the Market are all devoted to sheer speculation and thus have become "managed".

The Hoover Depression of 1929 was about consolidation of industries, from Banking to Manufacturing, and squeezing out the "Mom and Pop shops" in favor of the larger Corporate entities.

The Nixon-Ford manipulations were more subtle, using the concept of "runaway Inflation" actually managed Currency Devaluation to permit Consumer Prices to be inflated far more than inflation justified, since the Public was spending far more that they were saving at that time.

The Reagan Depre...(sorry) Recession was in two parts, first a six-year-long Raid on the savings of the Elderly (the Savings and Loan Crisis} followed by the manipulation of an unjustifiable Market Surge, supported only by the illusion of Economic Growth engendered b massive Deficit Spending. Allowing it to "Crash", which was actually a return to parity with economic growth removed the public investment from the Market and put them into the hands of the "Better Class".

By Bush One, it was back to Deficit Spending to inflate prices and profits.

Then along came Baby Bush, and the "Real Estate Crisis" that was used to transfer accumulated Home Equity Values into more deserving hands.

Now we're coming out of eight years of Economic Recovery, and those Pension Funds and 401ks are fatter, so it's time to transfer that money out of working individual's hands and put it where it belongs.

Sorry to go on and on, but there is a long sad story involved in how the Public has been screwed over by the mythology of "Investing".

Anonymous said...

Bitcoin was developed absent a centralized, controlling government. This is why it is favored by some. Insert this guy and “we are the government and we are here to help.” Typical politician who doesn’t see he is the problem, not solution.

Anonymous said...

When will he demand that something be done for the Bannister Complex rather than just tear it down and hide the evidence of wrong doing?

Anonymous said...

Who Emanuel Cleaver who's defense is I'm just a stupid preacher?

Retro ROCKER said...

5:45 YOU ARE CORRECT. CASH IS KING. Gold. A possibility.