Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Kansas City Tuesday Morning Look

Victoria's Secret adverts are under attack and some claim the uprising is hurting their bottom line . . .

Biz Insider: These photos reveal why women are abandoning Victoria's Secret for American Eagle's Aerie underwear brand

Whilst selling panties by way of "empowerment" is also a sketchy proposition, there's no denying that public pushback against hotness is for realz and inspires our morning blast right now as we check these Tuesday morning news links.

Take a look:

Kansas City Helping Hand Payback

KC man with multiple sclerosis looking for neighbor who helped him after a fall

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Jamal Horton has been living with multiple sclerosis since 2001, but in the last two years, his symptoms have gotten worse. "Most of my functionality is now being impacted; any day-to-day functionality," Horton said. "I'm getting scared because I feel pretty vulnerable."

Kansas City Collabo Workspace

New Collaborative Space Coming to Downtown Kansas City

The Cordish Cos. is planning a two-level collaborative workspace in downtown Kansas City, Mo. Called Spark KC, the coworking space will encompass 15,000 square feet and is scheduled to open by late 2018. It will be part of the first live-work environment coming to the Power & Light District.

Truman Tribute For Congressman

Good Neighbor Award going to Rep. Cleaver

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II is the 2018 recipient of the Harry S. Truman Good Neighbor Award.Cleaver speaks highly of Truman, and when he was given the Truman Public Service Award four years ago he said it "touches my very soul."The Good Neighbor Award has roots in the annual birthday luncheon that Harry Truman's Kansas City friends held starting when he left office in 1953.

Show-Me No Prez Trump Cash

Missouri could struggle to draw federal funds with new infrastructure plan

President Donald Trump's proposed budget for 2019 could bring big infrastructure changes to Missouri, but local engineering and commerce experts say it could be hard for the state to compete for federal dollars.

Fear More Fracking Earthquakes

Kansas Earthquakes Linked To Oil & Gas Industry Wastewater Disposal, Study Claims

Days after Kansas legislators rejected a bill that would have restricted the underground disposal of wastewater from the production of oil and gas, a new study by researchers from the Seismological Society of America (SSA) said there was a link between that method of wastewater disposal and the increase in number of earthquakes in the state, particularly in its southern parts.

Local Biz History By The Numbers

Photo Tour: H&R Block's world headquarters - Kansas City Business Journal

The tax preparation business that Richard and Henry Bloch founded in 1955 has grown into a global tax preparation provider with 12,000 locations in all 50 states, Canada, Australia and India, as well as U.S. territories and military bases around the world.

Kansas City Trade Tribute

Report: Hosmer to honor Yordano Ventura with new jersey number

Former Kansas City Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer will honor the late Yordano Ventura. San Diego Padres MLB.com beat reporter AJ Casavell reports Hosmer will wear #30 as his new jersey in San Diego. Hosmer wore #35 in Kansas City, but that jersey has been retired by the club.

MURS "Same Way" (Feat. Tech N9ne) is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Truman was a man and an American. He wouldn't piss on Cleaver, or the modern Democrat Party, if it was on fire.

I voted "NO" so kiss my ass said...

Cleaver should be winning the Fuck Thy Local Neighbor Award. He has never done anything righteous and should in no way ever be associated with Harry Give Them Hell Truman.

Anonymous said...

Harry is rolling over in his grave, that’s just stupid to give an honor like this to a effing liar and a crook

Anonymous said...

Enough of Hosmer.

Anonymous said...

All Cleaver does is win win win!

Anonymous said...

What what what?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

If Cleaver is getting an award, some organization, group, or individuals must be looking to access some good 'ole federal government cash.
Pay to play.
Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

how large a donation is required to not have to attend?

Anonymous said...

Good neighbors pay off their SBA loans. Cleaver is not a good neighbor.

Anonymous said...

^^It's also called Bank of America fraud.

It doesn't matter if he's right, because he's black.

Anonymous said...

If'n youz white mothafukahs would give me moe awawds and lest shit I'd like you too.

Da Cleave

Anonymous said...

Does the Cleavage have a home in the neighborhood ? Bet not.

Anonymous said...

So the former Royal is honoring the dead Royal.....and Kansas City loses.