Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Kansas City Sunday Night Look

Tonight we consider angel Candice one more time as the panty market comes tumbling down and we check news closer to home.

Take a peek:

Old School Kansas City Political Drama Coming Soon

New Play About Murdered Politician Links Generations Of Civil Rights Activism In Kansas City

He was murdered almost 50 years ago, so fewer Kansas Citians these days might know the name Leon Jordan. But he was one of Kansas City's most important civil rights leaders, and at one point his homicide was the Kansas City Police Department's oldest cold case.

Deadly Golden Ghetto Crash Tonight

Deadly wreck closes busy JoCo Highway

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two children were killed Sunday in a wreck on a busy Johnson County, Kan. highway. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, the two children were in a van that collided with a semi on I-435 westbound near State Line Road.

More Deets On Teen Political Prank

These teens have never been to Kansas. That won't stop them from running for governor

Two 18-year-olds from the University of Delaware have joined several other teenagers in the race to become the next governor of Kansas. Neither of the students have ever lived in Kansas. In fact, they have never even been to Kansas, The News Journal in Delaware reported.

Show-Me More Jobs For Crooks

Missouri bill would ease restrictions on felons in workplace

A proposal in the Missouri Legislature seeks to give convicted felons a second chance in pursuing a career. A House committee this week approved a law that would ease restrictions on convicted felons in the workplace. Among other things, people with felony convictions aren't allowed to sell alcohol or lottery tickets.

Bicycle Good Times Coming Soon

Missouri, Kansas work to secure national bicycle route

JOPLIN, Mo. - Missouri and Kansas officials are working to designate sections of Route 66 as a national bicycle route.The U.S. Bicycle Route System is the national cycling route network serviced by state and local governments.

The Weather This Week

First Alert Forecast: Thunder storms possible on Monday

First Alert Forecast: Thunder storms possible on Monday

More Deets On Hosmer Big Bucks

Eric Hosmer striking it rich in San Diego is so crazy it could work

11:44 AM ET Bradford DoolittleESPN Staff Writer Close Sports reporter, Kansas City Star, 2002-09 Writer, Baseball, Baseball Prospectus Co-author, Pro Basketball Prospectus Member, Baseball Writers Association of America Member, Professional Basketball Writers Association While most of America was either tucked away in bed or deep into Saturday night revelries, the tortoise pace of baseball's lingering offseason quickened.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo Eric. Way to ring the bell!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes lets bend over and give the felons even more rights after they probably serve zero time for their crime.

First thing a person should lose if using a gun in the commision of a crime is all their rights to anything. No welfare no unemployment no nothing. Then export them to Mexico if they can't keep a job.

Anonymous said...

National bicycle route? Just remember this cyclists. There are three sorts of drivers that you'll encounter: 1% are douchey cyclists themselves that enjoy looking at men in spandex and will respect your authoritah, I mean, lack of road-tax paying travel; 10% of drivers who have an active dislike for your utter contempt of them: from riding three abreast, to not moving to the side to yield (bike route or not), to not paying/"obeying" and customary or posted traffic rules, the remaining 89% are just terribly oblivious, texters, or just too dumb to understand what the strange two-wheeled contraption is in front of them, totally unaware of the fact it is traveling significantly slower than the rest of the highway traffic.

Good luck.