Sunday, February 04, 2018

The Kansas City Sunday News Start

Hottie Erin starts our morning and provides inspiration as we check some of the top news links for right now. Take a peek:

The EPIC Kansas City Skyline


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Kansas Trade Debate

Automakers warn of potential NAFTA withdrawal impact on Kansas

Pulling out of a key trade deal may still be on the table, that's according to members of President Donald Trump's cabinet. The North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, is a long-standing partnership between the United State, Canada, and Mexico. The auto industry is asking President Trump to pump the brakes on withdrawal talk.

Show-Me The Welfare/Word Debate
Missouri considers work requirement for people on food stamps
Pill Popper Problem Worsens

Sen. Blunt warns opioid epidemic continues to rise throughout Missouri

PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. -- The opioid epidemic is moving closer to Missouri and the metro. That's what senator Roy Blunt told a crowd this afternoon in Platte County. Blunt, a Republican who sits on the Appropriations Committee and chairs the subcommittee on the Department of Health and Human Services, says funding to curtail the addiction epidemic is already up 1,300 percent.

Kansas City Civility Teaching Moment

Engage political foes with civility, says UMKC professor

Allan Katz, a professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and head of American Public Forum, spoke on the issues of political discourse and civil dialogue during an event hosted by the League of Women Voters on Saturday at Atonement Lutheran Church in Overland Park. Video by Tammy Ljungblad/The Star.

Local Highway Flip Last Night

Pickup truck pulling camper trailer flips on side after accident

KCPD are investigating an accident that involved a pickup truck pulling a large camper trailer.

High Price Of Holding Onto The Past

Royals Rumors: Eric Hosmer not worth eight-year contract

The latest report came from Jon Morosi on Wednesday and it basically said Eric Hosmer 's camp were looking for more than seven years for their client. This could explain why Hosmer is still without a team, as maybe the suitors are strongly debating over whether or not Hosmer is worth that kind of deal.

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Anonymous said...

Hell yes make them lazy bastards work for food! I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

They already work

Anonymous said...

Anyone getting any state aid under the age of 65 should be required to work for it. Lots of trash needs picking up and and old people need help in their homes. Lots of non skilled work for the lazy asses to do.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Careful there, Sonny - that might mean that your Lard Butt gets hauled up the stairs and out of Mommy's Basement too!

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt at all that Roy Blunt is an Expert on Opioids!
I'm sure, having met him quite a few times, that his pharmaceutical knowledge is vast!
He was certainly demonstrating intimate familiarity every time I heard him speak.

Anonymous said...

Read the story in KC Star about a spring training boycott by the free agents. These guys just don't get it. Baseball owners have drawn a line that the MLB Union and the agents representing FA players son't get to decide a players value anymore. The agents are pissed because their percentages are going to bring in less revenue to them, they do not car about the players.
It is a hard lesson to learn when the majority of people make less than 100K and they want over 100 Million to play baseball.