Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Kansas City Saturday News Layout

We start the weekend news-cycle with visions of hottie Jess and her notable Instagram body of work along with all of these important Kansas City MSM news links for right now . . .

Kansas City Foodie Wake-Up Call

Food Critics: The Best Breakfast Dishes In Kansas City

Breakfast: is it the most important meal of the day or the most tasty meal of the day? Whatever your thoughts, the breakfast scene is changing in Kansas City, offering more interesting options. "I think people are going out more for breakfast," said KCUR Food Critic Mary Bloch.

Kansas City Crime On The Road

Kansas City Man Found Guilty Of Drug Charges In Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - A Kansas man is found guilty of conspiring to distribute meth in Sioux Falls. The United State's Attorney's Office says 37-year-old Justin "Speedy" Morales was convicted in federal court this week. Due to prior felony drug convictions Morales could face up to life in prison.

Check The Local "Bad Hombre" List

Kansas City Crime Stoppers Most Wanted Fugitives

Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers most wanted fugitives. Updated Feb. 9, 2018.

Kansas City Blight Profile

KC neighborhood frustrated by home that's become an eyesore

At one time, it might have been a nice-looking home, but in the past few years, people living in the neighborhood have watched it fall into a terrible state. They say it's become a lot where people dump trash and that suspected criminals are using it as a place to conduct business.

Old School Housing Comeback

Old Kansas City elementary school to be transformed into low-income housing for seniors

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Public School District closed 30 school buildings in 2009. Now, only six abandoned buildings remain. It's been nearly nine years since students roamed the halls of Blenheim Elementary School. Developers now have a new lesson plan coming to the nearly 90-year-old school.

Fanboys Fooled By Wrestling Texts

Are the Chiefs really hiring Stone Cold Steve Austin?

The Boston Herald's Ron Borges wasn't the only writer who received unsolicited texts last night. The Kansas City Chiefs are planning to hire Stone Cold Steve Austin as defensive line coach for the upcoming 2018 season, Arrowhead Pride has learned.

Olathe Doggie Good Deeds

Olathe firefighters rescue Wheaten Terrier from icy waters

OLATHE, Kan.- Firefighters rescued a Wheaten Terrier from a frozen lake at the Lakestone Estates Friday morning. Just in time for the #WinterOlympics #firefighters got on the #ice - & in the H2O & mud - to help Willow, a 3 year old Wheaton Terrier.

Local Hipster Shopping Promos

Shop Girl: Two local businesses - Fetch and Sunlight Day Spa - might help you dread Valentine's Day less

Chase Castor Those jumbo-sized Brach's conversation hearts that invade drugstore aisles this time of year? They double as sidewalk chalk. That might be my favorite part of Valentine's Day, which is an unnecessary garbage holiday. I don't say that as an embittered single person, either. I say it as a jaded married one.

Wiz Khalifa - Best Life ft. Sosamann is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Boring "news", but it starts with a really nice "layout".

Anonymous said...

Jess is the highlight of my day. Also, only boring people are bored.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Keep your opinions to yourself, @ 7:41, the rest of us find them boring.

Anonymous said...

No colored deaths is what’s boring, c’mon colored boys get to shooting each other!

Anonymous said...

I hate football and the Chiefs, but if they really hire Stone Cold I'm buying some Chiefs shit.

Anonymous said...

Steve-weiser! Yeah, bring it.

Super Dave said...

How could Steve Austin ruin the Chiefs anymore than the current rooster of bubbleheads?

Anonymous said...

What do you care, racist asshole. You don't watch anyway, because some of the players are black.

Anonymous said...

javier martinez race "white"

antonio mendoza race "white"

victor soto castillo race "white"

these are the faces of white crime, if latinos and arabs werent counted the general white crime rate would be reduced to that of only the real white perps, significantly lower.

Anonymous said...

Keep dreaming ...

Or go see how many people you can kill at one time.

This is what white people are most famous for.

Anonymous said...

12:45 is Byron