Saturday, February 03, 2018

The Kansas City Saturday News Layout

For the evening hours we share our love for Brit hottie model Sophie, her Instagram winning and some of the top Kansas City links worth a peek right now. Checkit:

Solving Kansas City Teacher Crisis
KCPS looking to hire amidst teacher shortage
Downtown Luxury Life Stays Losing

Heating concerns at renovated high-rise apartment complex in KC continue

Heating concerns at newly redeveloped high-rise apartments in downtown Kansas City continue. Earlier this week we told you about tenants having issues with their HVAC system at Commerce Tower. Some residents say their windows ice over on really cold nights. It's a widespread issue in the building.

Urban Core Leadership Burnout

Alvin Brooks' daughter, family escape house fire safely

The home of Estelle Brooks, daughter of Alvin Brooks, a Kansas City civic leader, was gutted Saturday by a fast moving fire the forced the family to escape quickly from the burning home in the 7000 block of Ewing. Estelle Brooks, her daughter Shanita Pardue and a young grandson escaped unharmed.

Big Robbery Charges Against JoCo Lady

Woman charged in Johnson County with stealing more than $100,000 worth of jewelry

A woman has been charged in Johnson County with stealing more than $100,000 worth of jewelry.

Show-Me Nasty Jeff City Politics

Harassment claims at Missouri capitol

Breaking News JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Records obtained by The Associated Press show the Missouri House has dealt with six formal sexual harassment complaints over the past two years, including four involving lawmakers. Those complaints against lawmakers cost more than $22,000 in external legal fees to investigate.

Guv Brownback Retrospective

Gov. Brownback's legacy in Kansas is one of missed opportunity

The Obama era changed things in D.C. and, in some way, sowed the seeds for the Trump era. This is not unique to President Obama but confirms a maxim that constituents usually react to one political era with something different in the next. Voters take lessons and act accordingly as they pick the next crop of leaders.

Kansas City Shooting Victim Hard Times

KCK couple searching for help to get wheelchair ramp after shooting paralyzes husband

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- It's a hard life for a KCK husband and wife. Most days it's a struggle just to leave the house. Convicted of aggravated assault, he's now also living as a victim of crime, and his wife is caught in the middle.

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Jameson said...

If they really want to recruit more teachers, they should think about hazard pay.

Anonymous said...

AND the people who report harassment in Jefferson City STILL run a high risk of retaliation.

"Plus ca change" and all that...

Anonymous said...

Karma. Hope you suffer like your husbands victims did.

Anonymous said...


Whenever I tugged on the loose thread hanging from Sophie's waist she got religious and started calling out "Oh God!!!"

Anonymous said...

If that guy wasn't in a wheelchair he would still be out carjacking me or you. Neither of those two have raised a finger to help themselves their entire lives but now want help from people on top of the lifetime of welfare they've been on. There are a lot ,ore worthy people out there that need help before these two.

Anonymous said...

Brownback... Brownback...?
Didn't there used to be somebody around named Brownback?

Detective Clodumbo said...

Did she make off with the loot in the folds of her pannis fat?

Anonymous said...

Fuck that guy.

Ph8166459632 said...

I was a janitor at Commerce Tower that place is disgusting. The basement was carpeted with bugs