Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Kansas City News Love Link List

Here at TKC we don't do it for money or power, simply love for the local discourse and the news of our town. And so we present some of the more important Kansas City mainstream media news links for tonight . . .

Kansas City Money Week

With two big money makers in town, Kansas City sits in the middle of Cupid's bull's-eye

Whether you're a cynic or a romantic - Valentine's Day comes down to two things: love, and money. And Kansas City is home to not one, but two of the biggest players in the Valentine's Day game. We have fountains, sweet jazz, and a Red Bridge laden with lovers' locks.

KCMO Murder Aftermath Questions

A bullet in the front windshield: family, police grapple with boy's crossfire death

As shots were fired near the pickup truck he was riding in, 9-year-old Dominic Young Jr. protectively pushed his younger brother's head down. But a bullet struck and killed Dominic that Jan. 20 night. More than three weeks later, police and family continue to wrestle with what exactly happened.

Show-Me Shaky Cash Plans

Missouri Senators Favor Taxing Out-Of-State Entertainers To Bring In Millions For Arts

A committee of budget-controlling Missouri Senators recommends continuing to fund the arts at current levels through the ongoing use of a tax on out-of-state performers. On Tuesday, the Ways and Means committee advanced Senate Bill 773 by a 6 to 1 vote.

Hater Army Fading???

Growth in US hate groups slows, hate crimes on the rise: Wash U professor

Nearly doubling since 1999, the long-growing number of hate groups active within the United States has remained nearly static since the election of President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the number of hate crimes is rising, and at first glance the two concurrent trends might seem contradictory. On Tuesday's St.

Doggie Politico Redux?

Kansas dog with 'anti-squirrel agenda' cannot run for state's governor, officials say

A dog can be man's best friend -- but not its governor, the Kansas secretary of state's office said. Angus P. Woolley, 3, a Wirehaired Vizsla, was entered in the state's gubernatorial race by his owner, Terran Woolley, last week after he found anyone can run, the Kansas City Star reported.

The Local Dance Scene

The Future Of Dance Is Daunting, Which Is Why The Kansas City Ballet Risks 'New Moves'

In an art form as brutal as it is beautiful, breaking through the tried-and-true blockbusters of classic ballet and strict company structure is difficult. New work and new talent is a risk. Creating new work not only requires learning new steps, but also changing perspectives, generating curiosity and challenging expectations.

Love Day Teaching Moment

Final Valentine's Day at KCK's Parker Elementary carries an important message - peace

One teacher created a project - coloring for peace.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

So they won't let a SON OF A BITCH run for Governor?

There's a quote from an old Movie, "The Professionals"
where Lee Marvin (after being called a Bastard) says...
"With some of us it's an accident of Birth, Others are Self-made Men".

Seems to me this SOB would fit right in with the rest of the field.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the professor forgot about the BLACK LIVES MATTER hate group.

Anonymous said...

The loopy professor has no more idea than the man in the moon whether hate crimes are increasing. All he can know is that hate crime reports are increasing. Not the same thing. I wonder what's his position on whether bogus hate crime reports are on the upswing as well.

Anonymous said...

He's a professor. Nuff said!