Monday, February 12, 2018

The Kansas City Monday Link Look

Right now we celebrate India and body of work along with all of these Kansas City MSM news links. Take a look:

Kansas City Plan To Save Retail???

Relocation of Nordstrom store to the Country Club Plaza is part of a larger plan - Kansas City Business Journal

Nordstrom's decision to move its Kansas City area store is part of a larger move to keep its full-line stores in line with consumer trends. The retailer's planned local move from Oak Park Mall to the Country Club Plaza is part of a continuing drive to remain in high-performing malls, according to Motley Fool.

The World According Helling Of A Contract Still In The Works

Kansas City almost lost Edgemoor at KCI. Here's how the airport deal was rescued

The path to Edgemoor Infrastructure's selection as the builder of a new terminal at Kansas City International Airport opened in September, when the city first chose the company for the job. But Edgemoor's bid would have almost certainly failed had the company and the community not gone through a messy trial separation in December.

Fighting Kansas City Drama

New partnership between KC police and health departments takes aim at preventing domestic violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new partnership hopes to put victims of domestic violence in better contact with resources in the community who can help. The Kansas City Health Department received a grant from the U.S. departments of Justice and Housing and Urban Development for slightly more than $1 million spread over three years: 2017-2019.

Kansas Cuts Coming Soon

Trump Building Plan Poses Dilemma And Opportunity For Cash-Strapped Kansas

President Donald Trump unveiled a $1.5 trillion infrastructure proposal on Monday built on plans that would more heavily rely on state and local dollars being matched with money from Washington. For Kansas, that poses both challenges and opportunities.

Show-Me Republican Harsh Times

Missouri GOP leaders agree (sort of) about tax cuts, but the devil remains in the details

JEFFERSON CITY - Republicans in the Missouri General Assembly are poised to push for tax cuts for individuals and businesses during the remainder of the 2018 session. The early GOP plans from the House and Senate and Gov. Eric Greitens' office have that much in common.

Faboys Holding Out Hope

Kansas City Royals: An idea for an Eric Hosmer contract

Some of the biggest questions when dealing with an Eric Hosmer contract is the amount of money and the number of years. Could the Kansas City Royals imitate something similar to Ian Kennedy and most recent signee Yu Darvish though? When talking with fans it is clear that the biggest concern is contract length and price.

Kansas City Well Remembered

Do you know the history of the Center City neighborhood?

In the early 1900s, developers such as the Cowherd Brothers were building "modern" middle class homes across what is now Midtown. One area where development was occurring was today's Center City neighborhood, from 31 st to Armour Boulevard, and Troost to the Paseo.

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Nordstrom moving from Oak Park to the Plaza is "...part of a continuing drive to remain in high-performing malls..."?

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