Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Kansas City Midweek News Layout

Tonight, hottie Megan rages against "morally bankrupt" Hollywood as we look closer to home and check all of the most important Kansas City news links tonight.


Kansas City Hates Sharing Economy

HomeAway, Airbnb critics fear neighborhood strangers, apathetic landlords

So-called "stranger danger" is a legitimate concern, said Carol Winterowd, even if it doesn't tell the whole story of why some Kansas City neighbors have become HomeAway and Airbnb critics. Noise and increased traffic around homes are a start, Winterowd, representing the Center Planning and Development Council, told Kansas City's Planning, Zoning and Economic Development committee Feb.

Check The Gun Deets

With Little Likely To Change, Here's Your Guide To Missouri And Kansas Gun Laws

As the nation watches a burgeoning children's movement for gun control spring from Florida after last week's mass killing, the odds of Kansas and Missouri rewriting their rules for firearms this year look slim. Few parts of the country welcome guns, carried openly or tucked out of sight, as much as Kansas and Missouri.

Downtown Ladies Love Tax Breaks!!!

One Light, Two Light run by all women executives

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Working as a mom poses its own challenges, but that has not stopped one group of women from reaching the executive level at one of downtown's premier apartment communities. One Light by The Cordish Companies has been lauded and honored for being the first new high rise of its kind in downtown Kansas City.

Pitch Fancy Foodie Review

Review: Tavernonna seeks to transcend the trappings of the hotel restaurant

Zach Bauman It's a bit of a cliché, the underperforming hotel restaurant, but it's endured for good reason. Consider the challenges facing hotel chefs: the marathon hours, the high customer volume, the pressure to offer something to please every necktie with a breakfast voucher. Never mind the problem of motivation.


Ahead Of Forecast Ice Storm, Stalwart Kansas City, Kansas, Schools Stay Open

Many local schools remained closed Wednesday in anticipation of an ice storm that could dump up to an inch of snow and sleet on the metro by Thursday afternoon. But not Kansas City, Kansas, Public Schools. Today my district (@kckschools) is open while many others are not.

Local Tribute To Man Of God

Billy Graham came to KC several times because the city was 'on his heart'

For 10 days in September 1967, Billy Graham cast his spell at Kansas City's old Municipal Stadium. A 5,000-voice choir sang, as did gospel and jazz stars. In all, 364,000 people came to his Heart of America Crusade - 53,000 of them in one record-setting night.

Quarter Mil For This Cottage

Home For Sale in Brookside East

Know anyone looking for a Brookside home? This new listing of mine could be the one! This house features a bungalow floor plan, with two bedrooms on the main level and a spacious master suite on the second floor. It's updated and move in ready: refinished hardwood floors, fresh interior paint featuring a formal living...

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Anonymous said...

a penury of regular houses in a nice neighborhood mght be leading to a bubble.

houses that are nice for families and not over 500 are just scarce in midtown neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Is that Janssen Place? HA HA HA

Anonymous said...

East Brookside = near Troost.

Anonymous said...

Hard to give any credibility to Megan Fox's rants against "Hollywood Chauvinism" knowing that she has a "This Space For Rent" pubic tattoo.

DeBergerac said...

Another weird Pitch review - Liz Cook gushes about how great the Hotel Phillip's "new" Restaurant is, but in her revue she finds something wrong with every single dish!

Crap! If something's wrong with a fast food order I send it back and get what I'm paying for - why can't someplace that's trying to promote itself as upscale get ANYTHING on its menu right?

Makes you feel sorry for anyone making the mistake of staying at the Phillips, especially a business traveler who's tired and just wants to get something to eat before heading back to their room.

Also, can't tell if it's her writing or reality, but the Chef sounds like an arrogant asswipe. Sounds like it's his way or the highway, similar to the butthead that runs "Le Fou Frog". Sorry Jack (Jaques?), I'll pre-ban myself from your pretentious Hash Joint and save you the time.

Anonymous said...

KCUR and Brian Ellison are full of shit on thier gun law facts. I'f love to go on KCUR and had the idiots their asses because their, so called, facts on the law are woven with bullshit.