Wednesday, February 07, 2018

The Kansas City Midweek First Look

We start this morning with Jasmin international modeling hotness and a rare real life look at glam in the making as we move forward with news closer to home. Take a look:

KCK Shutdown Fear

Are P&G jobs at Kansas City, Kan., plant in jeopardy? - Kansas City Business Journal

Employees at The Procter & Gamble Co.'s Kansas City, Kan., plant are worried their jobs may be in jeopardy, Fox 4 News reports. The soap plant sent employees home Tuesday afternoon but asked them to return to work at 8 a.m. Wednesday.

Kansas City High Art Collabo

Playing Kansas City Jazz With The Symphony, And Making Money As A 'JUST' Business

Your might think combining jazz and a symphony would like trying to mix oil and water - they don't just go together. Yet jazz artists, including Kansas City's own Charlie Parker, have combined their playing with those of an orchestra to great results.

Kansas City Server Crackdown

Restaurants could require servers to split tips under new regulation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Should servers and bartenders share their tips with other employees? It's a conversation that's heating up in Washington as the Department of Labor considers new tip regulations. The U.S. Department of Labor announced a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) regarding tip regulations back in December.

Happy Rock Harsh Times Report

Gladstone man barricaded himself, girlfriend and child in; threatened to kill them all

A Gladstone man faces assault and kidnapping charges after he barricaded himself in his apartment, assaulted his girlfriend and threatened to kill himself, the woman and their 14-month-old son. Moses Wainy, 31, was charged Monday in Clay County Circuit Court for the incident Sunday in the 300 block of N.E.

Kansas City Mating Season Lesson

The Kansas City Zoo's Valentine's Day fundraiser shows animal 'romance'

Red Footed Tortoise to promote Kiss & Tail (more details in attachment) On Saturday, Feb., 10, the zoo celebrates Valentines Day by showing how some animals attract a mate and what happens when it's time to get romantic!? Oh boy! See their courtship rituals hilariously played out through actors from 'The Living Room Theatre.'

Season Of Hype Coming Soon

Dayton Moore: "I was never leaving Kansas City"

View the FanShot on SB Nation.

Ancient Kansas Comeback???

Resurrecting Quindaro

As Americans north and south of the Mason-Dixon Line debated slavery, a boomtown that sprouted from the scrub along the Missouri River emerged as one of the most unlikely bellwethers of the national mood in the run-up to the Civil War.

Fanboy Advice Before Rebuilding Year

How the Kansas City Chiefs should approach the rest of the offseason

First off, we can cross off cornerback from the top of the Kansas City Chiefs wish list. While their work at overhauling the position is not over, the organization took a large step in the right direction with the (pending) acquisition of Kendall Fuller.

Paramore: Rose-Colored is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I thought restaurants were already making wait staff tip down. Waiters hate it think they are entitled to the whole tip while the ones doing the real work is others.

Hell yes make it a law so the whiny fucks will have something else to bitch about

Anonymous said...

This will lead to no tips at all. End of an era.

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:10AM. No one wants to a serve a whiny complaining fuck like you! Here's a little secret-every time to go out to a restaurant, people are spitting and doing worse than that to your food!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^STFU 7:10 makes a good point you make a whole lot of nothing. Hell, you're so stupid you can't even write a decent sentence.

Anonymous said...

^^^@7:10 makes NO point. Just another bitch bitching. I agree with 8:04AM. Complaining bastards like the both of you always get the "special" treatment at restaurants. Keep running your mouth. UMMM this steak is really delicious!

Anonymous said...

Sucks about P&G, I'd say that's a pretty clear sign they're closing a line if not the whole shop.

Anonymous said...

1) In the past month I have eaten at restaurants occasionally and have been receiving the best service from the wait staff they could offer. I tip a higher percentage because I know these people (in the food industry) do work hard at a job that will never be a high paying one. I wish there was a fair resolution to the problem but the higher minimum wage fight will only close places down.

2) P&G is a sad story but the untold story is that this location in KCK has been soap central with P&G, Colgate Palmolive and others in facilities at this intersection. P&G has had a policy to keep this plant modern, safe and maintained. Facility and property are always clean and an asset to KCK. Good pay too! It would be a tremendous loss if this facility is actually shuttered completely.

Anonymous said...

Channel 41 completely missed the point of the proposed regulation.

Servers would have to turn over tips to the OWNER.

Then the owner splits it up as he/she sees fit.

The story lead is the owner doesn't have to distribute all of the tip money. The owner can pocket any portion of the tip pool.

Trump can write off getting any restaurant staff votes in the future.

KSHB is a little late here. This was announced in December and the public comment period is now closed. WTF is their audience supposed to do with this outdated info now?

Anonymous said...

More manufacturing job loses under Trump?

I guess they can go to work for tips at a restaurant that forces them to give their tips to the owner.

So much winning.

Anonymous said...

Owners could steal tip money to fund their remodeling projects. Or subsidize their menu with lower prices. Tip money leading to lower menu prices means giving a kickback to customers that might not be tipping at all - a truly shit redistribution.

"To the extent employers may otherwise make an arrangement to allocate any customer tips to make capital improvements to their establishments (e.g., enlarging the dining area to accommodate more customers), lower restaurant menu prices, provide new benefits to workers (e.g., paid time off), increase work hours, or hire additional workers, these are also potential benefits to employees and the economy overall that may result under the proposed rule."