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Right now we consider career advancement as hottie Lucy is taking to the stage and we check all of the important Kansas City MSM news links right now.

Take a peek:

Kansas City Celebrates The Last Days Of The Combustion Engine!!!
2018 Kansas City Auto Show: 3 Things You Can't Miss | News from
Perfect Village Trash Truck Injury Crash

Driver critically injured after garbage truck crashes into Prairie Village home

The crash happened in the area of West 83rd Terrace and Cedar Street about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. (KCTV5) The driver of a garbage truck suffered critical injuries after crashing into a Prairie Village home. (Chopper5) Medical personnel and officers are at the scene. (KCTV5)

Kansas Gun Takeaway Coming Soon???

Temporary Gun Confiscation Considered In Kansas For Domestic Abuse, Potential Suicide Cases

Listening to news reports while driving to the Statehouse on the day after the deadly high school shooting in Florida, Kansas Sen. Barbara Bollier decided to redouble her efforts to put a "red flag" law on the books in Kansas. She wants a system for temporarily confiscating guns from people deemed a risk to themselves or others.

KCMO Gun Crazy Talk

Kansas City mom horrified that mentally ill son could buy a gun

A mother is horrified her mentally ill son was able to buy a gun. Not only that, he also has open warrants. She says she called the gun shop, DGS in St. Joseph, to warn them, but they blew her off.

Kansas City Social Media Hype!!!

Kansas City International Airport single-terminal project work starts - Kansas City Business Journal

The first visible stages of work have begun on the $1 billion single-terminal Kansas City International Airport project. The airport's official Twitter account tweeted an image of workers with the message: "It's happening! This team is conducting geotechnical investigational work, the first visible step in the construction of our new terminal.

Marcus Peters Wasn't Team Player

Marcus Peters says when he doesn't tackle, it's a 'business decision'

While a healthy portion of Chiefs fans were unhappy about the trade that will send cornerback Marcus Peters to the Rams, there were plenty who weren't sad to see him on his way out. One reason cited by those fans was Peters' perceived allergy to tackling.

Dead Retail Update

Lenexa could lose Sears outlet store - Kansas City Business Journal

As Sears Holdings Corp. continues to right-size its store footprint, a Lenexa store could be on the chopping block, the Shawnee Mission Post reports. According to a marketing document [PDF] created by commercial real estate firm Copaken Brooks, the Sears Appliance Outlet store may vacate its 38,000-square-foot space at 8540 Maurer Road by July 1.

Golden Ghetto Lesson For Today: Saving The Planet Is A Waste!!!

Shawnee Mission schools lock recycling bins, say it's no longer worth it

A Kansas City area school district has decided to lock up its recycling bins. The Shawnee Mission School District has decided to lock up its recycling, not because people are taking their cans and bottles, but because it is adding to the district's financial load. School officials say recycling is no longer worth it.

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