Friday, February 16, 2018

The Kansas City Friday Night News Shots

This evening we remember that hottie Joey might be the greatest raven-haired Brit hottie in all of the world as we compile some of the top news links for tonight. Take a peek:

Fantasy Life Resources For Real World Kansas City Problems

Planet Comicon takes aim at mental health

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Planet Comicon is finally here in Kansas City, and you'll probably see a little bit of everything. From superheroes to villains, people can be whoever they want. "I think it's kind of cool that we can get into costumes and kind of do whatever with people who are doing the exact same thing as us," April Roller said.

Local Scammer Adventures

KC man duped people out of $483K - bought a BMW, Bermuda trip and 'beauty expenses'

A Kansas City man was found guilty on Friday of an investment fraud scheme used to dupe people out of nearly $500,000. Ryan Scott Luscombe, 45, used people's funds - which he said was going to be used to produce investment returns through his trading business - to buy a 2010 BMW and a trip to Bermuda, according to the U.S.

Urban Core Fire Report Friday
1 person critically injured in shooting in KC
Kansas City G-Man Hot Take

Former FBI agents from metro saddened to hear agency didn't investigate tip on Florida shooting suspect

KANSAS CITY, Mo -- The stunning news that the FBI didn't investigate a tip about Florida school shooting suspect Nicholas Cruz has not only shocked citizens they're supposed to protect but also those inside the agency. "I am saddened by this revelation," former FBI Agent Jeff Lanza said.

Local Last Call

Area's oldest operating auction house to close its doors

After 40 years, England's Auction in Grandview will host its final sale on Friday, February 16. Over the last four decades, hundreds of buyers from all corners of the metro have spent their Friday evenings with Mike England. In 1977, England, with his brother and father, purchased the auction business that began in 1960, at 1530 Duck Road in Grandview.

Sunflower State Old School Styling

Kansas lawmakers consider 'Don't Tread on Me' license plates

WICHITA, Kan. - Drivers would be able to choose a "Don't Tread on Me" license plate under proposed legislation. The Wichita Eagle reports that the state would model the plates after the Gadsden flag, which features a yellow background and hissing snake. It dates back to the Revolutionary War.

Kansas City Doggie Distress

New strain of dog flu affects Kansas City's canines

Humans aren't the only ones coming down with the flu this year.

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Mental Health = Planet Comicon NO GUNS FOR YOU! CRAZY

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"Don't tread on me" license plates in the legislature? They're nuts!

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Does anyone know?
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