Friday, February 09, 2018

The Kansas City Early Morning Friday Look

Hottie Kate Upton isn't just an EPIC modeling powerhouse . . . She's also a #MeToo crusader. Here's the latest addition to her body of work . . .

Time: 'I'm Not Going to Let Him Intimidate Me Anymore.' Kate Upton Speaks Out on Alleged Harassment by Guess Co-Founder Paul Marciano

Closer to home, we're minding our manners whilst we take a look at some of the top morning news links right now . . .

Kansas City History Teaching Moment

Kansas City Group Preserves Buffalo Soldier Legacy, And Updates On Farm Bill, Dicamba

A statue at Fort Leavenworth pays tribute to the Buffalo Soldiers, the all African-American calvary formed after the Civil War. Today, John Bruce and

Newspaper Celebrates Prez Obama Glory Days

Former Obama spokesman Josh Earnest pans Kobach's campaign for governor

Former White House press secretary Josh Earnest panned Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's campaign for Kansas governor a few hours before headlining a fundraiser for Kansas Democrats. Earnest, a Kansas City native who served as President Barack Obama's spokesman from 2014 to 2017, now serves on the advisory board for Let America Vote, a national group dedicated to strengthening voting rights.


Reward increased to $10,000 in 9-year-old Kansas City boy's unsolved murder

A $10,000 reward is now available for information leading to an arrest in the murder of a 9-year-old Kansas City boy. Dominic Young Jr. was hit by a stray gunshot while riding in a vehicle driven by his father and died as a result of his injuries. The shooting took place on Jan.

Celebrate The Local New School

New early-education program launches in Kansas City with a little help from Sesame Street

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some would say it's the most important phase of a child's life: pre-school and kindergarten. Education's earliest levels are the focus of a new push the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce is rolling out, making a strong emphasis on the long-term goals of getting kids in school as soon as possible.

KCPD To The Rescue

Kansas City Police Find Missing Child

Ten-year-old boy last seen early Thursday morning

P&G Shut Down Postscript

The KCK Procter & Gamble plant closure: What's next for the workers?

Kansas City, KS - Nearly 600 workers will be impacted by the closing of the Procter & Gamble plant in KCK in 2020.The announcement surprised many, including Wyandotte Economic Development Council President Greg Kindle who says it's hard to lose a company after 113 years.

KC Love Weekend With McTavish

6 Adult Things To Do This Weekend In Kansas City

Childhood and adolescence have their charms. But it's only adults, despite being closer to the final exit than the fresh start, who get to call their own shots. That's even truer on weekends, when most grown-ups have additional time to devote to non-essential stuff (a.k.a. fun).

Kendrick Lamar, SZA - All The Stars is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

If any War statue is evil and is torn down then the Buffalo Soldier Statue must as well face the same course of action. Blacks killed large numbers of Indians during the Indian wars but you never hear about that.

Anonymous said...

^^^because nobody is asking about that dummy. Go back to your rented trailer and try to find some more alt-right propaganda to disseminate.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ you folks with TDS should get that looked at. A combination of medication and therapy will help.

Anonymous said...

Byron @ 8:54 I can't believe how stupid you are and I really think you are a mental.

you can't put up an intelligent argument to save your life.

You have no clue about the buffalo soldiers so you throw in the alt right crap and propaganda accusations along with trailer living.

No one asked anything on here but someone did leave an opinion and that person is free to do that.

Oh and don't forget the alt right freed the blacks.

Anonymous said...

^^^Blah blah blah...marble-mouth mumbling prick. What the fuck are you even saying? Take your meds and go back to bed gramps