Tempers Flare As Kansas City Holds Booze Ordinance In 18th & Vine Jazz District

After heated testimony, today City Hall decided to hold a proposal to loosen liquor codes in the 18th & Vine District.

Opposition against the proposal won the day and outcry against the liquored up gambit was greater than sponsors expected.

Moreover, former Council-member Sharon Sanders Brooks offered the most critical evaluation of the proposal.

In a social media post, she describes her testimony and the reaction it earned from the current representative:

SSB: "It seems the KCMO 3rd District -In District Council member became it little perturbed today because he couldn't get his way today. The Liquor Ordinance was held. Interesting, when I testified he turned around and filmed me with his cell phone. I testified as a property owner, resident and volunteer for three cultural institutions in the 18th & Vine. After I testified reed had a hissy fit and stated that "I had a Vendetta against him " of course he made that attack after I had yielded the microphone . . ."

We'll have more on this debate and welcome a response from the 3rd District Councilman who wants to be mayor.

In the meantime, there's no denying the Ms. Sanders Brooks is one of the leading stakeholders in this Kansas City neighborhood and her warnings about the public safety impact of fewer liquor code restrictions deserves attention.

Developing . . .


  1. More bars aren't the answer here. Diversifying the district and bringing in more small business would be a much better solution. Nightlife is always risky and there aren't many clubs that have benefited surrounding communities. After all, investors in bars usually don't need help finding capital and KC helping them along is a recipe for disaster.

    1. Look at what's happening to the Downtown P&L District. The bigger crowds are nice but there's also a lot of fighting and other problems that come along with bars.

      Don't forget the added cost of even more police protection.

  2. Chip of the sLIE block.... N.W.A.

  3. 100 million and counting. We need to start thinking about some way to make the place profitable or at least self-sustaining.

  4. Let them have all the free booze they can drink. Open a hip hop club. All free. Maybe it will keep them out of the good places where white people go. Keep all the crime down there where it belongs.

  5. Best idea I've heard so far is to stop the focus on just jazz and think about more blues clubs. Obviously, they would need a liquor license too but I think we've tried to make jazz work and it's just not happening.

  6. The problem is, no white people want to go down their to get robbed and shot. They happen to be the consumers that actually have money to spend, but no way they are going to spend it in that shithole.. 18th & Vine will never survive without even more taxpayer money being wasted down there.

  7. Amazon should have built their second corporate headquarters there.

  8. Put alot of good hip hop bars , and several movie theatres that shows BLACK panther movie 24 / 7 , give away Free booze and drugs , everyone will be happy , 24 / 7 , maybe then normal American human beings will go back to the shit hole KILLA CITY PLAZA again ?¿?¿

  9. Your mom, gf, auntie & uncle will go there because they can't resist the black stick.


  10. Please open the area with Free booze and drugs and hookers and crack and meth and coke and weed , everyone will be happy to go there and stay there and pass out there ! This was a public service announcement from the normal American human beings and Patriots!¡

  11. No one ever goes to that shit hole ghetto

  12. The area will never be self-sustaining due to the behavior of the "community" clientele. They bring (sneak) in their liquor, they are notorious for stingy tipping for service, they carry guns and resort to using them when having arguments with others in clubs and social settings.

    Until the consciousness and awareness is increased in this community, the taxpayers will continue to "foot the bill" for this area.

  13. So let's review:
    In KCMO the three major "entertainment" districts are Westport, P&L, and 18th and Vine.
    The first is considering privatizing the streets because of the murders and other violence.
    And the other two are tremendous drains on the taxpayers because they can't sustain themselves financially.
    Come on down and save KC, conventioneers!
    Bush league on steroids.

  14. Let casinos open anywhere they want, not just on the river.


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