Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Talking Kansas City 'Clean Power' Schemes

Local civic discussion today focused mostly on the unrealized good intentions of the previous administration now confronting real world government cost cutting efforts. Take a look:

Trump's EPA Comes To Kansas City To Hear Views on Obama's Clean Power Plan

The Trump administration remains unlikely to back off its plans to ease Obama era restrictions that make it harder for utility companies to burn coal. Likewise, the federal courts may eventually decide what pollution rules the Environmental Protection Agency can enforce on energy production.


Anonymous said...

"Clean power" SCAMS would be more accurate! Solar, wind and that God Forsaken ETHANOL. Cui Bono?

Anonymous said...

Cui Bono? Not the established Power Companies and their fully-owned Politicians, that's for Damn Sure!

There is a lot of truth in the old 1960s saying that "If you could put a meter o the Sun, we'd have had Solar Energy a hundred years ago."

The problem is that a corrupt "Trust" has been formed involving the Electric Companies, Fossil Fuel Exploiters, and their political Hired Lackeys, and their immense Profit Structure is threatened, therefore any "Alternate" energy sources HAVE to be denounced by them.

Which leads me to ask, @ 8:33, KCPL, MOG&E, Oil Company, or just one of their many Lawyers?

Me, just a retired Coal Miner.