Talking The Historic And Hotly Debated Kansas City Northeast AirBnb Mansion

Really important back & forth perspective on how the new sharing economy can benefit and enrage local neighborhoods. Read more: A conversation with Ross Wright, owner of the controversial Scarritt Airbnb mansion


  1. You would be out of your damned mind to stay the night in that place.
    There is so old and BAAAADDDD ju-ju went on in that place.


  2. I looked up the owner of this house and they are from LA CA, listed as a charitable uni trust. Sounds like a legal scam organization. Their taxes are under 3k a year and they didn't even pay it on time. I was in this house for an estate sale, and I'm sure being from CA and using the house to make money or scam for tax breaks they have ruined it's historical grandeur.

    Go back to California!


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