Syed Legal Status Debate: American Citizenship Tougher Than Trip To DMV

Most locals reveal their ignorance on the immigration debate when they talk about illegal aliens as if they're people who were just too lazy or evil to fill out a few forms . . . Fact is, the current path to American citizenship is byzantine, takes a lot of cash and the waiting time is measured in years or never.

This missive does a somewhat decent job of explaining the difficulty to Americans who notoriously take everything about their lives for granted:

Why didn't Syed Jamal become a citizen?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Immigration Attorney Rekha Sharma-Crawford describes the immigration process in the United States like the childhood game "the floor is hot lava." People like Syed Jamal are told not to touch the floor, or the game is over.


  1. Remember Myrna Dick!

  2. Yeah, I remember her. Clever didn't do shit for her either.

  3. So, Syed is capable of getting a post-graduate degree but can’t figure out how to get citizenship. His brothers figured it out. Simple barely literate hard working uneducated people figure it out. Syed thought he was above the laws of the United States. His lawyer is an incompetent liar, by the way.

  4. He had a couple of decades to take care of this and he didn’t do it. Bye bye. Back to Banglesdesh. Stay the fuck out of our country.


  5. This lawyer is full of crap!! I know a person from Honduras, and it took five years for him to become a citizen.

    This Rekha Sharma is playing on public sympathy and is a big time LIAR!!!!!!!

    Rekha Sharma......DON'T TREAD ON US BITCH!

  6. 2:44, I take exception to that! His lawyer is not an incompetent liar, she's very good at it.

  7. He Whose Ass Has Been Laughed Off2/22/18, 6:33 PM

    Why don't we give Syed the same status as Melania Trump's parents?

    1)Permanent Residence Rights with unlimited guaranteed right to re-entry after traveling abroad an unlimited number of times.

    2) The above guaranteed with no requirement to ever apply for US Citizenship.

    3) the same rights to Social Security and Medicare as U.S. Citizens, with no obligation to pay U.S. taxes.

    See, the best of both worlds for as long as you live, granted by a special Bill passed by the U.S. Congress.

  8. Yup! He is a victim. That mountain was just to high even though he had 30 years to climb it. Its America's fault and the criminal was a victim.

  9. Chillary Cliton2/22/18, 7:37 PM

    What do you call a Bangladeshi with a club foot?

    A 9 iron.

    Ill be here all week, tip your waitress.

    PS Byron Funkhouser takes it up the fart box.

  10. He had 30 years! The lawyer is yanking your change.

    I hear she is a Leftist, too.

  11. Tunnel Visioned Progressive2/23/18, 7:34 AM

    Relax. He was teaching your precious snowflakes and making lesson plans.

    We progressives believe he deserves a break.

  12. No excuse for not getting citizenship after all that time. Actions (or in this case, in-actions) have consequences.

    I wish Syed the best of luck in the shit hole known as Bangladesh.


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