Friday, February 02, 2018

Stinky Kansas City Berkley Riverfront Luxury Development Stays Winning?!?!

Just a bit of promo for project that looks great on paper and offers pretty pictures but doesn't inform residents that the smell down by the river is nearly unbearable at least 3 days out of the week . . . And that's not just because of the poor, unfortunate dead women dumped near the area on the regular. Take a look:

Port KC construction near Berkley Park keeps rolling - Kansas City Business Journal

After years of effort, Port KC officials hope the $65 million Union | Berkley Riverfront project (No. 11 on The List) is the first of many developments on the 55 acres the authority owns along the south side of the Missouri River, just east of River Market and north of the Columbus Park neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Keep Slow Jammin' them taxpayers

Anonymous said...

Can parks be parks? We need more parks and parking lots, not more market rate, subsidized apartments.

Anonymous said...

That Cesspool has twice been declared the worse air polluting site in the State of Missouri, incredibly beating out all of the Hog Feedlots around the State!

It is located within the Kansas City Limits (NKC starts at the Railroad Tracks), and has been wafting its fetid scent for decades with nothing being done by the State or KCMO.

Corn Products built the cesspools after they were fined quite heavily for dumping their fermented grain waste products directly into the River, so now they collect those waste products in these open air pools until they rot away and can be dumped into the River with less pollution.

Due to the horrible press the company received over this when it was named "Corn Products" they have gone through several name changes, and are now known as "Ingredien", but their processes and the resulting pollutants remain unchanged.

If either the State or the City had the "cojones" this mess could be remedied, but that will only happen if forced by an injunction that closes the Plant down until they spend the money on existing technologies that others use to remedy this mess.

Anonymous said...

Do they know they are building in the flood plane? Not a good idea but what the hell, it's taxpayer money.

Hyperblogal said...

Could have had a dramatic re-imagining of the river front incorporating architectural styles and buildings from the city's beginnings. Make it a tourist destination. But, no, we need more ticky-tack

Tracy Thomas said...

Thank you, 9:28. Please call the TV stations and share this with their assignment editors. A GREAT story. Glad we don't yet have Scratch and Sniff local news.

Don't forget, Sly James is jamming thru a free toy train extension to provide an amenity for the campaign contributor whores who are building condos there in Berkley Park.

All this, despite the public vote forbidding the city to plan or build any more trolley extensions without a city-wide vote.

OK, TKC readers--submit your names for the trolley next to the fermenting rotting corn cesspools adjacent to Berkley Park.

Tony--do you have a prize for the winner? Can't be free drinks at Jardines. How about drinks with Nigro in Westport?

Anonymous said...

Celebrate!!! See you guys at the Phase 2 groundbreaking of the Berkeley Riverfront Park redevelopment

@ 9:28 said...

Tracey, I am among the multitude that no longer watches local TV, so why bother?

I would like to suggest the old classic name "Toonerville Trolly", but it just doesn't seem to fit somehow.

How about :
"BOONERVILLE TROLLY" that might work!
And actually having grown up on a farm and having been to Europe where I smelled real Cesspools, my calling those dank and fetid mires Cesspools was an unintended insult to all Cesspools I the World, those things are MUCH WORSE!

Anonymous said...

Well, I for one am amazed to see these ticky-tacky apartments go up in that particular spot. It's a former toxic waste dump and it's across the river from a plant that exudes a smell that defies description. We used to call it "the gaggy smell" when the wind was right.

Adrian G. said...

Really hate to pay 3 grand a month for this and then get hit with that stench.