Show-Me Yes Votes On Missouri Child Brides

Statehouse silliness documented to display more than a few backward politicos standing up for "liberty" in often tragic circumstances where none exists . . .

Child Marriage Is A-OK, Say 50 Missouri Lawmakers

click to enlarge Last night, members of the Missouri House faced a vote on a bill that would bar marriage for state residents fourteen or younger. Fifty of them voted no. Granted, the bill passed, 95-50, but the surge of opposition is noteworthy, since the bill is geared to reform a state law that's been criticized for making Missouri a haven for sex trafficking.


  1. Waren Jeffs followers probably. Old enough to bleed old enough to breed. Bet they like sticking it in soft, getting hard and listening to the bones crack.

  2. Pleasant thought. How many are rich men?

  3. So now I'm gonna have to marry some 17 year old hag? How the hell will I ever get a virgin at that rate? This state is going to hell in a handbasket.


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