Screenland Armour Asks For Help

Here's a very earnest and worthwhile post from locals asking for a handup for a biz that's hampered by the rise of Nextflix and far more affordable home movie tech . . .

Historic Screenland Armour Movie Theatre is Expanding!

Adam Roberts is raising funds for Historic Screenland Armour Movie Theatre is Expanding! on Kickstarter! Screenland Armour, one of KC's oldest movie theatres is adding two new screens, a larger lobby and more amenities! Find out more below!


  1. Sadly. movie theatres are now places where shooting take place. At the same time you can watch the movies in the safety of your house on Netflix. Prediction: In 20 years there will be no more theatres. There are still a few buggy whip manufacturers, but only as a novelty. Same with theatres. Their time has passed, technology give you movies in planes, SUV's and on your phone!

  2. Spoken like stupid Dave.

  3. Pipe dreams die hard.

  4. Hey Adam, since you're running a business, why don't you go to a bank and secure a business loan for your expansion plans instead of looking for a hand-out from the (hard-working) public ?

  5. @1:54 spoken like the true idiot you are. You really need a life, one that doesn't allow you access to social media. SD signs his work unlike a loser like you.


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