Thursday, February 08, 2018

Round-Up: KCK Healthy Campus Stays Losing

After the new Mayor promised to his "pause" on this project there's an uproar from mostly consultants and activists who stood to profit. Read more:

Commission To Reevaluate 'Healthy Campus' Project In Kansas City, Kansas

A major project designed to help improve community health in Kansas City, Kansas, has been put on hold, and local leaders will meet Thursday evening to discuss its fate. The Healthy Campus project envisions a grocery store, expanded YMCA, farmer's market and additional housing in downtown Kansas City, Kansas, and it was a top initiative of former Mayor Mark Holland.

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Anonymous said...

A top initiative for Rev. Mayor, huh? Oh sure, he yapped and yapped alot about big ideas, but that's about it. So, yeah, the "Dotte (downtown,midtown,and the southside Argentine and 2 'dales) is not so white anymore", as he said at LaRaza's convention while pandering for Hilly votes.

Although, truth is, from 435 toward Tonganoxie is purdy much whitesville. Hypocrite Holland sure saw to the growth in majority whitey West WyCo--big block after block of blingy car dealerships, youth soccer fields, several senior assisted living enclaves, custom homes, DFA, Frontier Justice, Providence Amphitheater, and more. Gawd, how does lightning not strike when all that hot air fills that church?!