Monday, February 19, 2018


More deets on a longstanding problem with student safety at Kansas City Public Schools that is far more important than movie field trips touted by the newspaper. Take a look:

Lawsuit: Kansas City school left violent felon take girl

A lawsuit filed last week alleges a Kansas City school allowed a violent felon to pick up a 14-year-old student, who was taken to a motel and raped. The now 21-year-old plaintiff is suing Kansas City Public Schools, a former Lincoln College Preparatory Academy principal and a school attendance secretary.


Anonymous said...

Let's see - she's 21 now, so this was seven years ago, in 2011.
The Kansas City School District has been non-functional since at least 1976, except as a mechanism for spending Tax Dollars, so why is it surprising that this happened?

Not that it should have, but there was and is absolutely no sense of responsibility on the part of anyone employed by the District, and any attempt to hold anyone to blame is automatically deemed to be nothing more than racism.

I wish the young lady well, and hope she bankrupts this corrupt mess.

Anonymous said...

Well first of all it took her lawyer (Rebecca Randles) seven years to make this girl a priority now that she has run out of Catholic priests to sue. This snake just rears her ugly head when ever there is money to sniff out. Talk about a whore.

The true fact is that the girl was 14 at the time and her uncle is the offender (if I remember correctly). Honestly there isn't a school on earth that checks who picks up the kids older than fifth grade. At 14 years old the girl knew she wasn't supposed to go with the perv so it is not the KCSD's fault.

Anonymous said...

She just wanted to be a welfare momma!