Push Back Amid Kansas Transgender War

Outright hostility from the Republican majority for these residents and garnered opposition and increased alliances that might or might not turn the tide. Take a look:

Kansas GOP's transgender resolution draws sharp criticism from Topeka youth, mother

The recent Kansas Republican Party's stance on transgender issues didn't come as a surprise to Phoenix Nesmith, 18."It's not unexpected for them to do something like this," the 2017 graduate of Topeka High School said about the resolution endorsed during the state's GOP annual convention on Feb. 17.


  1. The solution is simple. If you want to be a freakaziod have fun. Leave others out of your drama and don't expect society to spend all its time trying to accommodate you. It does not take months in the limelight and a nationwide referendum for you to identify as whatever you wish to be. No one gives a shit what your kinks are and no one should have to waste a fortune in tax payer money for you to feel better about some damn decision you have come to in YOUR life.

  2. How do you rationally explain referring to a person as "they". People are born male or female and the idea that people can change their sex by merely identifying otherwise is a pure fallacy.

    1. Refer to them as “it”

  3. We're FUBAR'd to the great beyond if the Gender Benders and their degenerate defenders, are dictating public toilet policies.

    Hear the foot stomping and see the finger wagging from the minute fraction of the total population that is demanding "special" accommodations for what they want to be "identifying" as, whether or not they've actually swapped the private parts they were born with.

    So, decent people will have to demand their "special" arrangements, also. Gone are the public rooms with multiple stall divided only by thin partitions and lame little locks on short doors. Single, secure, private rooms with a full size locking door, with ONE toilet and ONE sink, CLEARLY and SEPARATELY MARKED "WOMEN" for one or a row of them, and one or a row of the rest marked "MEN".

    Of course, baby changers, petite tot scaled potties in a "FAMILY" bathroom is a welcome convenience.

    THE POTENTIAL PERVS, PEEPERS, & PEDOS will be eliminated from easy access to unsuspecting others, and to little children, especially!

  4. "They" is one morbidly obese fuck.

  5. Fucking freaks just gotta get some attention for how special they are.

  6. I blame J. Edgar Hoover.


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