Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Northland Blogger Explains Costly Upcoming Kansas City Buck O'Neil Broadway Bridge Vote

After Kansas City suffered nearly a billion in a tax & spend last year, here's a look at an upcoming double down for the sake of Northland commuters and all the cash this town hasn't allotted for infrastructure repair . . .

LCL: A New US 169 Buck O'Neil Bridge Is Now Up to the Voters


The last piece of the $200M financing package was put together with passage KCMO Ordinance 170919 which sets up an April 3, 2018 election which will ask KCMO voters to renew the City's current one cent capital improvements sales tax for 20 years. This would provide up to $60M towards the Bridge.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

They are going to put one show project on the slush fund, just like last years vote $800 million bonds when they put the animal shelter on the ballot. They haven't done anything. Vote NO for once.

Anonymous said...

Liberals don't vote no on things from their democrat leaders. They can't think for themselves.

Waterlines can't get fixed the first time.

Same water system they had before the sly James lied about a better water system.

Can't clean the streets when it snows.

Can't fix the roads.

Can't curb the crime.

Fix those things first, then maybe.

Right, mange head from central Hyde Park?

Anonymous said...

@8:04AM-Can you let us know what it's like to have no life? Here it is 8:04AM and the first thing you did is fire off a list of complaints. Do you have anything in your world? When did you first know that your life was a complete and utter bust, or has it dawned on you yet? Did you ever think that the reason no one speaks to you is because you do nothing but bitch? Are you lonely?

Anonymous said...

8:40, speaking of having no life, here you are again, with the same tired song that you sing all day, every day.

Anonymous said...

8:28 STFU, unlike your spew of nothing 8:04 makes a good point. Also 8:28 aren't you late for your shift at McDonalds?

Tracy Thomas said...

This northland blogger is great, Tony! thanks!
Line Creek Loudmouth.
He's one sassy crabapple. Why don't people like this run for office??? He'd be awesome.

He does good useful research--attends and records hearings, like the ones on KCI, then excerpts the audio and even reformats it so folks can listen in the car, or on their bike, LOL.

We need to hear from Wes Minder (a real name, apparently) more often. Thanks for posting.

And I agree about the tax for the bridge--can't trust KCMO till they build the animal shelter. But they will threaten to shut down the bridge or have a Governor Jeff Christie "bridge closing episode" right before the tax...to terrify commuters into voting for it.

You read it here first, on TKC. Feb. 6, 2018.

Why folk live up north? "It's a mystery, my child." said the priest. He says that to every unknowable question.

Anonymous said...

Tracy is in her cups already. Its Chris Christie old lady.

Anonymous said...

This bridge should be paid for with the mountain of proceeds from the National Negro Baseball Museum. It just makes good sense.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea that bridges across the river ONLY benefit Northlanders. I see a whole crap load of Kansas license plates roaming around up north. If the Northland really wants to see some progress, they should de-annex from the cesspool city to the south, and tear down the damn bridges so nobody gets in.