Sunday, February 11, 2018

NextGen Surveillance: Real ID Complicates Kansas Driver's License Renewal

Like it or not, procuring documents is becoming tougher as the world grows more dangerous, crowded and scared. Read more:

LJ World: New driver’s license requirements causing headaches for some in Kansas

Big picture:

What is REAL ID? Trump Administration pushed for new ID cards issued in California

California began issuing new identification cards Monday that will eventually be mandatory across the U.S. in order to board airplanes. The newly minted documentation is part of the REAL ID Act -the implementation of a 2005 appropriation from Congress to fight "The Global War on Terror" under President George W.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny that not one administration in thej past 30 years has pushed for a national ID that places the burden on the Federal Government that cooks this shit up? If the government can not keep passports legitimate how the fuck is a state going to guaranteed there are no fake IDs? Total bureaucratic bullshit that will do little more than result in the hiring of another shitload of bureaucrats to sit around scrutinizing the state's programs and placing more burden on tax payers.

Super Dave said...

What cracks me up is the state that has been issuing me a drivers license for almost 50 years now wants me to prove to them I am who I am. Meanwhile illegals are running around for 30 plus years and nobody cares except elected officials who try to help them get a get out of jail free card..