A double down on a position that has taken heat despite support from the Prez. Take a look:

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer Supports President Trump's Bid to Arm School Teachers: 'That's Where the Students Are, That's Where the Security Issue is Immediately'

This morning, The 74 partnered with Axios and the Walton Family Foundation to organize a special #EDlection2018 conversation in Washington, D.C. Here's our recap of how the event trended on Twitter; we'll be publishing several videos, audio interviews and recaps in the days to come.


  1. Any of you know teachers? The vast majority don't want to carry a gun.

  2. I know a bunch and there not opposed to trying

  3. Remember, not all of them have to or need to do this if they don’t want to

  4. Trump, and I voted for him, and Colyer and the rest of the idiots calling for arming teachers as a solution are kidding themselves. Just because you carry a gun doesn't mean you have the guts to confront a person shooting with a high powered rifle. The trained police officer stood outside for 4 minutes and did nothing. A guy who spent a career training for this, who I believe truly believed he could do the job when called on, froze. What do you think teachers will do? There is a huge difference between training for and having a situation in real life. I spent 25 years as a cop, thankfully I never had to be in that spot, I think I could and would have done what I got paid to do, but until you are put in that position you will never know. This is a terrible idea, teachers will freeze, 99% of them. Not to mention what will happen when a good intention teacher forgets and leaves the gun somewhere, it happened in state capitals, it will happen in schools. Or when a teacher is assaulted by a student who is bigger and stronger and takes a gun from a teacher. This is a terrible knee jerk reaction. Here is an idea, quit paying football coaches 6 plus figures to do nothing but coach, or multiple superintendents 6 plus figures.


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