Saturday, February 10, 2018

Mizzou MLK Event Conversation Explores White Supremacy And Legacy Of Rape

And so, it seems that divisive discussion on the MU campus retuns and is currently causing a sensation across the Internets. Here's the latest . . .

Junot Díaz: "Bodies Like Mine Were Raped Into Existence"

During a discussion at the University of Missouri for a Martin Luther King Jr. event, acclaimed Dominican-American author Junot Díaz spoke about white supremacy, the dialogue around immigration, the importance of solidarity, and the long-lasting effects of slavery on the African Diaspora. "I was born in the Dominican Republic," he said.


Indian Creek Hate Crime Victims said...

STFU. Get cancer in your fuckin eyes and die.

Jesus..., the usual obscure collection of victimization claptrap fed to beta male, ethnomasochistic, willfully impercipient, sheep who, with their fellow lambs, self-flaggelate themselves to tiny Progressive, priapic eruptions into their skinny jeans.

Meanwhile, the bodies in the streets, dead in the tsunami of Black on White Hate Crimes exsanguinate to the excitement and cheers of our killers in the 4th Estate and Washington D.C.

We are all dead, in Black on White Hate crimes, that are never mentioned, even here, in this city, while this cocksucker whines and drones on into a future, where we all live in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Watch the Black Panther Movie when it comes out and you will discover the truth about South Africa!
It is a Technological Paradise where the People live in Chrystal Palaces and fly around in Spaceships!

Surely everyone who is proud of their African Descent will want to move there immediately, and I for one feel that it is high time that this Country provides the "Restitution" that African Americans have been DEMANDING for decades, in the form of One-Way Tickets!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ the truth!

Joseph Turner said...

My question is, do these people even believe what they are saying? Or are they just spewing the same catchphrases and talking points that everyone else is saying, to get attention, get on the news, and make people mad?

Ever see the movie “Wag the Dog”? Where (within the overall plot), some PR person puts out different catchphrases and one-liners thru the media, which the people start quoting to each other; and the people ‘give themselves a pat on the back’ when they parrot it; thinking they’ve said something brilliant.

How do we know that’s not what’s happening with these stories like this? “Someone’s giving a lecture on ‘White Supremacy’, “Culture of Rape. We better go make a news story about it.”

I would speculate that this person is spewing the exact same talking points, catch-phrases, and one-liners you’d hear in every other college-campus “discussion” about “White Supremacy” or “White Privilege” that we see these frequent news stories about.

“White Privilege”
“Diversity and Inclusion”
“Promote Tolerance and Acceptance”
“Social Justice”
“Culture of Rape”

Cliche, Cliche, Cliche, Cliche, Cliche
All worn out ad naseum.

ALL of the many Black on White Hate Crime Vicitms said...

^^^^^^ 8:17 AND 8:35

Dead on the money.

Anonymous said...

Why do we let these fucktards invoke the name of MLK to promote some bullshit they are promoting that has nothing to do with the message of MLK? This is just another snowflake con job.

Super Dave said...

Give me a freaking break.

Anonymous said...

The stupid, uneducated white men say there is no white supremacy.

Just look at all the non-whites working in the White House.

Anonymous said...

History demonstrate beyond a doubt that WHITE SUPREMACY DOES EXIST!

Especially in the areas of Cultural Advancement, Civilized Behavior, Scientific Progress and Morality.

Anonymous said...

^^Hence the genocide, & racial covenants where ever they go.

Poor, poor white men; everybody's just hating on them for no reason.

Anonymous said...

White men breeding free slaves by raping black women does not demonstrate moral superiority.

Cross burning does not demonstrate moral superiority.

Lynching of uppity blacks does not demonstrate moral superiority.

The genocide of indigenous peoples every where does not demonstrate moral superiority.

Blowing up black churches does not demonstrate moral superiority.

I could go on & on, but you still won't get the picture. You're a white man. You need to feel superior because you can see that you are not.

White Males RULE!!! said...

Do you like internal combustion engines?

Thank a few white men. (Jean Lenoir, Nikolaus Otto, Karl Benz, Rudolf Diesel, Gottlieb Daimler, Emil Jellinek, Henry Ford among others.)

Are you a fan of flush toilets and indoor plumbing?

Thank white males Alexander Cumming, Thomas Twyford, and Isaiah Rogers

Toilet paper?

Thank Joseph Gayetty, W.M.

How about washing machines and dryers?

Thank white males Alva Fisher and J. Ross Moore.

If you ever had surgery, did you opt for anesthesia?

If so, thank a few more white males, beginning with William Clarke in New York and Crawford Long in Georgia who both used chloroform in minor surgeries in 1842. A paper published four years later by William Morton, after his own work in Boston, spread the word. Ether replaced chloroform during the next decade. There are now scores of general and regional anesthetics and sedatives and muscle relaxants, administered in tandem. The first local anesthetic has also been superseded. It was cocaine, pioneered by a Viennese ophthalmologist, Carl Koller, in 1884.

Ever take an analgesic?

Next time you pop an aspirin, remember Felix Hoffmann of Bayer. In 1897, he converted salicylic acid to acetylsalicylic acid, much easier on the stomach. Aspirin remains the most popular and arguably the most effective drug on the market. In 1948 two New York biochemists, Bernard Brodie and Julius Axelrod, documented the effect that acetaminophen (Tylenol), synthesized by Harmon Morse in 1878, had on pain and fever. Gastroenterologist James Roth persuaded McNeil Labs to market the analgesic in 1953.

White Males RULE!!! said...

Most Americans today die of heart disease or cancer, but before the twentieth century, it was infectious diseases that struck people down, and children were the primary victims. In pre-industrial England, still with the most developed economy in the world in the late 17th century, 50% of all children didn’t survive the age of 15. With the phenomenal growth of cities during the 19th century, cholera, typhoid fever, and tuberculosis became the leading killers.

In 1854, a London medical inspector, John Snow, proved that a cholera epidemic in Soho was caused by infected sewage seeping into the water supply. Until then it was thought the disease spread through the air. The sanitary disposal of sewage and the provision of clean water, possible thanks to mostly anonymous metallurgists and engineers -- an exception is the famous Thomas Crapper, who pioneered the u-shaped trap and improved, though he didn’t invent, the flush toilet -- has saved more lives than any drug or surgical innovation.

Dramatic improvements in food supply have also had an incalculable effect on health. Agricultural innovations, beginning with those introduced in England in the 18th century, were disseminated globally by the end of the 20th century -- the “Green Revolution.” Famines struck Europe as recently as the late 1860s. (The man-made famines of the 20th century are another story.) A transportation revolution made possible the provision of more than sufficient protein, calories, and nutrients worldwide. Needless to say, it was white males who designed and built the roads, canals, railroads, and ports and airports, and the ships, trains, planes, and trucks that used them, and the mines, and then wells, pipelines, and tankers that supplied the fuel they ran on.

Whatever the merits of taking vitamins and supplements today, no one has to take vitamin C to prevent scurvy, or vitamin B to prevent pellagra, or vitamin D and calcium to prevent rickets. And, for the time being, we all live in a post-Malthusian world. The global population was about 800 million to 1 billion when the gloomy parson wrote his famous book in 1798. It’s now over 7 billion.

White Males RULE!!! said...

Dr. Snow had no idea what was actually causing cholera. It was Louis Pasteur who gave the world the germ theory of disease, as every schoolchild once knew. Studying the fermentation of wine, he concluded that this was caused by the metabolic activity of microorganisms, as was the souring of milk. The critters were responsible for disease, too, he recognized, and identified three killer bacteria: staphylococcus, streptococcus, and pneumococcus. Nasty microorganisms could be killed or rendered harmless by heat and oxygenation, Pasteur discovered, and would then prevent the disease in those who were inoculated. He went on to develop vaccines for chicken cholera, anthrax, and rabies. Edward Jenner had demonstrated in in the late 1790s that the dreaded smallpox could be prevented by injecting patients with material from the pustules of cowpox victims, a much milder disease. (The word vaccine comes from vaca, one of the Latin words for cow.) Pasteur, however, was the first to immunize patients by modifying bacteria rather than through cross-vaccination.

A parade of vaccines followed. People in their mid-60s and older can remember two of the most famous: the Salk and Sabin vaccines against poliomyelitis, a paralyzing disease that had panicked American parents in the late ‘40s and early ‘50s. Children preferred Albert Sabin’s 1962 version: the attenuated virus was administered on a sugar cube. Jonas Salk’s inactivated vaccine, available in 1955, was injected.

In 1847, more than a decade before Pasteur disclosed his germ theory, the Viennese obstetrician Ignaz Semmelweis documented the effectiveness of hand washing with chlorinated water before entering a maternity ward. He brought mortality rates from puerperal fever down from 8% to 1.3%. Two decades later, having read a paper by Pasteur, Joseph Lister demonstrated the effectiveness of carbolic acid to sterilize wounds and surgical instruments. Mortality rates fell from around 50% to about 15%. The efforts of both men, especially Semmelweis, were met with ridicule and disdain.

White Males RULE!!! said...

Pasteur’s German rivals Robert Koch and Paul Ehrlich made monumental contributions to biochemistry, bacteriology, and hematology, but left the world no “magic bullet” (Ehrlich’s term). Koch identified the organism causing tuberculosis, the leading killer of the 19th century, but his attempts at finding a vaccine failed. His purified protein derivative from the bacteria, tuberculin, could be used to diagnose the disease, however. It was two French researchers, Albert Calmette and Camille Guerin, who developed a successful vaccine, first administered in 1921, though it was not widely used until after World War II.

Ehrlich joined the search for antibacterial drugs that were not denatured bacteria or viruses. He synthesized neoarsphenamine (Neo-Salvarsan), effective against syphilis, a scourge since the late15th century, but which had toxic side effects. It was not until the 1930s that first generation of antibiotics appeared. These were the sulfa drugs, derived from dyes with sulfa-nitrogen chains. The first was a red dye synthesized by Joseph Klarer and Fritz Mietzsch. In 1935, Gerhard Domagk at I. G. Farben demonstrated its effectiveness in cases of blood poisoning.

The anti-bacterial properties of Penicillium had already been discovered at this point by Alexander Fleming. The Scottish bacteriologist had famously left a window open in his lab when he went on vacation in 1928, and returned to find that a mold had destroyed the staphylococcus colony in one of his petri dishes. But it’s one thing to make a fortuitous discovery and another thing to cultivate and purify a promising organic compound and conduct persuasive trials. This was not done until 1941. Thank Oxford biochemists Howard Florey and Ernst Chain. A Pfizer chemist, Joseph Kane, figured out how to mass-produce penicillin and by 1943 it was available to American troops. The wonder drug of the 20th century, penicillin killed the Gram-positive bacteria that caused meningitis, diphtheria, rheumatic fever, tonsillitis, syphilis, and gonorrhea. New generations of antibiotics followed, as bacteria rapidly developed resistance: among them, streptomycin in 1943 (thank Selman Waksman), tetracycline in 1955 (thank Lloyd Conover), and, the most widely prescribed today, amoxicillin.

White Males RULE!!! said...

This could go on forever into every area.

What you brought us, 1:02 is rap music, violence, sports bullshit and an entitlement psychosis.

Fuck off

Anonymous said...

White males are so fond of each other, that it isn't necessary to help them with this.

You judge yourself by what other white men have accomplished.

You judge non-whites by what the criminals of that race are doing.

Your attempt to convince non-whites of your superiority is doomed to failure.

Save that shit for white supremacist web sites.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^Just can't handle the truth can you?

Anonymous said...

"Bodies like mine were raped into existence."

3:41 can't handle that fact.

Question: Who owned more slaves than any one in American History?

Hint: It's the same person who famously said, "All men are created equal".

This didn't apply to his son, because his mother was black.

Anonymous said...

Deny, deflect & misdirect. Did you learn that from your fearless leader?

While blacks were being bought & sold like cattle, how were they supposed to accomplish much? They were forbidden to learn how to read & write.

White people are not superior to the other races. Only a racist moron would even postulate such a thing.

The largest mass murder in American History was a white man. You left that out of your list of accomplishments of other white men.

Is Dylann Roof your hero?

Anonymous said...

"bodies like mine were raped into existence"

since there was no rape in subsaharan africa.

humanity is a collection of quite brutal events, deal with it.

Anonymous said...

How about Glenn Cross? Is he your hero, too. He tried to kill some Jews, but he couldn't tell who was a Jew just be looking at them, so he mistakenly killed some Christians.

I bet you hate Jews, too. You're probably one of this forum's Holocaust Deniers. The people who deny the Holocaust are the same people who want to repeat it. Just like the white supremacists are the ones who deny the existence of White Privilege & are ever eager to point out what they mistakenly believe to be racism in non-whites.

So, you probably don't want to list the Holocaust among the many accomplishment of other white men, because you deal with that by denying that it occurred.

Since, you're clearly a white supremacist, you probably approve of your leaders attempt to Make America White Again by destroying families, & deport women & children.

You stole land in America, Australia & South Africa & attempted genocide against the native peoples. You left that off your list of accomplishments. But, you probably don't have a problem with that because you think white people are superior. You even remade God in your image. Jesus is now a white man.

Do you ever watch Ancient Aliens? The premise of the show is that these ancient architectural, & engineering accomplishments were not possibly made by indigenous peoples/ I must of been Aliens!

Did you notice that you failed to convince me?

Anonymous said...

This all makes sense because blacks never rape whites, were dwelling in peaceful euphoria until colonized, and achieved high levels of science until it was stolen by whites. Also, absolutely all 'white' civilization is the same and there's no difference between, say, a Russian and a Frenchman. All diversity, culture, and original virtue is and was owned lock stock and barrel ny non whites.

Wait, sorry, that's all bullshit. Blacks and other indigenous peoples were exactly as bloodthirsty and savage as 'whites', limited only by their lack of technological and social achievement. The key difference is that 'whites', while certainly as guilty of crimes as any other artificial racial agglomeration, then went on to bring forth redeeming advancements in every field of human endeavor.

Africa is still the savage, bloody bad neighborhood of humanity and always has been. Sorry chaps. It's true no matter how many goofy self-serving overcompensatory pseudointellectual crap you want to spout.

In other words, Blame Whitey is played out, and white guilt is quickly dying. Thank God.

Anonymous said...

And "White History" LIES TOO!
White History claims to record several speeches made by Dr. King, but in reality he only made one...

"VICTIMS, Victims, Victims, We All Are Victims, VictimsVictimsvictimsvictimsvictims..."

isn't that the Legacy of MLK Day that your "Proud Race" is passing on? What ever happened to pride in yourselves and dignity?

Respect yourselves - if something is not right, change it - don't buy Shoes, buy Shoe Stores, as Rev. Jackson said!

Ohhh no, I can't succeed, I'm a VICTIM of White Privilege! Poor me!

Anonymous said...

Human history is essentially war, both within and between groups based on all kinds of criteria. There were winners and losers and no one is innocent. It wasn't fair, and due to a complex combination of variables 'whites' came out on top. This shouldn't be hard for Marxists to understand.

Mr Diaz and his fellow travelers are addicted to the false trope of white supremacy because they can't grasp this basic truth. Oddly, their ideas are profoundly and fundamentally racist because they still subscribe to silly notions of the 'noble savage' that were false when whites introduced them in the 18th century.

They have a child's view of history in which there are only white bad guys and indigenous good guys. It's racist on its face.

Anonymous said...

Every Black-controlled square mile on Planet Earth is a shithole of dysfunction. Most Blacks would starve without the White Man.