Missouri & Kansas Fight Obamacare Cont'd

Like it or not, the tax crackdown element of the former Prez makes it universally unpopular despite growing demand for a single-payer solution. Take a look at the latest:

Kansas and Missouri Join States Arguing No Tax Penalty, No Affordable Care Act

Missouri and Kansas have joined 18 other states in seeking to have the Affordable Care Act declared unconstitutional following Congress' repeal last year of the tax penalty associated with the individual mandate.


  1. What most people think is that the legislature and governor are just hating old sick people. This is a huge money trap for states that adopt the expansion. The States can not run a deficit like the Feds can.
    It would end up with every taxpayer getting big tax increase to pay for it. Leave it to the Feds. and Thank Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schummer and Harry Reid.

  2. ^^^^^^^

    You got that right!

  3. I thought Trump already repealed and replaced with something cheaper and great on day one.

    Did Trump lie to us?

  4. We were going to have a great new health care plan. Where is it? Why would he lie? Who knew health-care could be so complicated?

  5. Trump was supposed to stop the carnage in our American cities on day one of his administration. What happened?


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