Here's the latest from an AWESOME TKC TIPSTER sharing info that's not yet featured in the MSM . . .

"Blue Valley High School had a lockdown today . . . I have statements sent from the high school to parents with details."

Gun fears not limited to Kansas City neighborhoods. Lockdown in the Golden Ghetto.

Blue Valley High families,

I have some information to share with the Blue Valley High community. Today a rifle scope case was found in a PE locker. I know you would want to know about this situation as well as how we are handling it.

After finding the case, we immediately notified the district’s director of Safety and Security as well as Overland Park police. A thorough search of the school campus is being conducted. Students will stay in classrooms, where learning will continue, while law enforcement completes their sweep of the campus. At this time, nothing has been found during the search that has alarmed us in any way.

There is nothing more important than providing a safe and respectful environment for our students to learn. Thank you for your support and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Dear Blue Valley High families,

I would like to provide a follow up to my earlier email. I know events like this can raise worries and concerns for us as parents. After a thorough search of the school campus was completed by law enforcement, we are no longer in a lock and teach. At no time were students or staff in any danger. The student came forward during the search. We learned the lens cover was brought to school inadvertently.

The safety of our students and staff is always a top priority and we will always err on the side of caution.

We know that safety is a shared responsibility and that each member of our school community plays an important role in being attentive and reporting concerning behaviors. As we continue the work of ensuring a safe learning environment for all, the information shared between our community and schools will continue to be of great value and importance.

KMBC: Cap for rifle scope found in locker at Blue Valley High, police say

KSHB: Authorities search Blue Valley High School after rifle part case found in locker

Fox4: School search underway for more weapons after rifle scope case found at Blue Valley High School

UPDATE: OP police say item found at Blue Valley High School was lens cover to airsoft gun

Developing . . .


  1. Seriously? We all want kids to be safe, but really?

  2. A lens cover for a machine gun with armor piercing bullets oh my God

  3. So does this mean we have to ban caps now?

  4. Kind of overreacted. Some kid is going to rip a loud fart someday and their are going to say they heard what might be gunshots. Stupid fuckers just want a pat on the back for appearing to be proactive.

    1. Proactive? Do they realize half the kids there are high on drugs?

  5. School security does a followup on red flags, you bitch and moan.

    School security does not followup on red flags, you bitch and moan.

    Haters gonna hate, while blocking any action. Are there any actual solutions you want to suggest, or do we skip ahead and take all the guns away.

  6. ^^^^What did you say mumble nuts?

  7. That's what I thought. No more guns for you.


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