Kansas Wastewater Earthquakes Explained

As of late “human-induced earthquakes” are the new hotness in the Midwest and here's a look at how more regulation is slowly working to settle the scary problem. Take a look:

Wastewater injections set off a Kansas earthquake binge

In the past decade, Oklahoma has turned heads as it has joined the list of places where earthquake insurance is a prudent investment. The sudden uptick in seismic activity is due to injections of foul wastewater into deep disposal wells-triggering what are known as "human-induced earthquakes."


  1. Earthquakes are fun, it'll be really neat when this wastewater ends up in the Aquifer.

  2. ^^^I like you raising that point since I have wondered the same thing.

  3. Glad I'm saving 2 cents a gallon on gas.

    I have a $15,000 foundation repair bill.


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