Monday, February 19, 2018

Kansas Wants To Change The Constitution???

Red State slap-fighting might reveal a disconnect with the rest of the nation or maybe less confidence in leadership from the nation's capital. You decide:

Sharp division marks Kansas debate on joining campaign for U.S. constitutional convention

Shawnee resident Tony Gillette is eager for Kansas to join a coalition of states in a bloodless revolution to limit power of the federal government.Seventeen of the 40 Kansas senators joined Gillette in support of a legislative resolution calling for a convention of states to consider amendments to the U.S.


Anonymous said...

Just keep Syed out of Kansas and we’ll be ok

Anonymous said...

Anyone that believes a majority of Kansas citizens give a shit about this crap is on opoids

Tracy Thomas said...

I support the so-called Convention of States.
It's about BYPASSING CONGRESS, our bought and corporate paid-for-by- lobbyists Congress, to accomplish LIMITED changes to the US Constitution--
including requiring a balanced budget--every year.
And term limits.

Congress is now so much into protecting their own jobs that they have sold out the taxpayers and the next generation.

The COS plan is described and allowed for in the Constitution, Article 5, it's just never been used.
Missouri legislature has already voted for it.
We need 12 more states, including Kansas.

Ironically, two of the Ks. legislators who oppose COS are from the Pittsburg area--one would think they'd "get it"--but are dug in with their unrealistic cabal that wants to totally toss out the Constitution, which is crazy and never gonna happen. They are obsessed with a utopian dystopia, and unwilling to solve the biggest problem facing Americans every day--uncontrolled spending.

So, yes--a balanced budget and term limits would be a good thing, regardless of party affiliation. We've got a US Congress that runs like a fraternity. And this is the legal way to fix the problem.

Scare tacticians worry about an "open agenda/out of control" convention. But it's quite clear--legally the call for the convention of states has a STRICTLY LIMITED IN ADVANCE AGENDA. The agreed on issues by the 34 state legislatures is all that can be voted on or approved. Period. Odd, how naysayers use fear to support procrastination.

Good for Tony Gillette...and many many many other citizen volunteers--working on the solution.

Unknown said...

Thanks Tracy Thomas, you have accurately described the process. Learn the details at:

Anonymous said...

We need this. Remember the drinking age for 3.2 beer being 18 ? The Fed's pushed for 21, if not passed they with held federal hyw. money. Wyoming held out one year before giving in. We are suppose to a federation of states not a slave state to Washington.