Kansas Dreamers Stay Winning In-State Tuition

For now . . . Here's a look at GOP backpedaling and an unpopular issue touted only drunk uncles & aunts working with Russian bots on Fakebook . . . The reality is that most reasonable people want to help EVERYONE earn a better education despite a right-wing gambit hoping to use identity politics to gain further advantage.

Take a look:

Kansas lawmakers drop effort to end in-state tuition for undocumented students

Kansas lawmakers have dropped an effort to repeal a law that allows undocumented high school graduates to pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities. When a Kansas House committee did not act by Monday on a bill to end in-state-tuition for undocumented graduates, the measure essentially died for the session.


  1. Fuck the Dreamers. They all are on welfare anyway. They actually don’t pay any money to go to school, so what diiferwbce does it make? They go to school for free, at the taxpayers expense.

  2. Who comes first in KS?
    An illegal immigrant or a US Citizen that lives in MO?


  3. So we pay criminals to go to school and force law abiding citizens to pick up the tab. Can I get that deal in Mexico?

  4. Dreamers are not criminals, because immigration violations are civil offenses, not criminal offenses.

    You hate them because they are not white, & just use their legal status as an excuse.

    We, are not fooled.

  5. The one sure fire way you can tell if someone is racist; if he gives you a reason for why he hates some children, as if hating children were somehow defensible.

  6. 4:53 Better go retake your bar exam. ....and second you better get a refund on your ESP lessons because you don't have a clue who I hate ass hole. I am not white fuck stick, but I know what a fucking law breaking criminal is. BTW you don't speak for "WE". You lost!


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