Monday, February 05, 2018

Kansas City Valentine's Day Wedding Ceremony Marathon Coming Soon!!!

Something to believe in or maybe just a very real financial and personal exercise in faith. Take a look:

18th Year of Unity Temple on the Plaza's Valentine's Day Celebration of Love

KANSAS CITY, FEBRUARY 5, 2018 - As a gift to all local lovebirds, Unity Temple on the Plaza is offering their annual Valentine's Day Celebration of Love with free weddings, holy unions and vow renewals. Now is the time to plan that special day with that special someone! For anyone thinking about a wedding, holy union or vow renewal, Unity Temple has the perfect solution. On Wednesday, February 14, 2018, the ministers at Unity Temple will be ready for a Marathon of Love from 10:00am to 6:00 pm.

Unity Temple embraces diversity and welcomes people of all faiths, lifestyles, abilities, racial and ethnic backgrounds for this special, once-a-year event. What better day than February 14th to demonstrate the power of love to transform our lives, by celebrating couples that are committing to love and be loved for a lifetime.

Each couple will have their very own fifteen minutes to say their "I do's" and celebrate the joy of having found that special person. A minister, chapel, recorded music and nuptials are all provided free of charge. Couples who wish to bring their own minister or musicians are encouraged to do so, at their own expense. For weddings, the couple need only bring a State of Missouri marriage license and come dressed for the ceremony.

Ceremonies in Spanish are available as well.

Couples must pre-register on line at by Monday, February 12th.

For more information about Unity Temple, visit us at


Anonymous said...

I hope none of them have had premarital sexual intercourse.

Anonymous said...

Duke Tufty is a charlatan!!

Anonymous said...

Unity.....The smiling idiots

Anonymous said...

Duke is a very spiritual man and as genuine as any I’ve ever know.

Anonymous said...

They’re happy and joyous. You are certainly not. And that make them idiots? You should attend the Sunday services at Unity and try to attend with an open mind and an open heart. Do it for 6 months and it will change your life for the better.

Anonymous said...

Most of them will be faggots marrying other faggots and lesbians marrying other lesbians.

Anonymous said...

Duke Tufty , 2018's very own Elmer Gantry, making a ver good living fooling the foolish!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's romantic as hell.