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Right now let's start with hottie Sammy - An international modeling inspiration who curiously has a largely Latin American fan base despite her Brit upbringing . . . And this beautiful bit of diversity is the perfect place to check news links closer to home.

Kansas City Tax Break Push Back

With Cordish requesting another tax break, forum to weigh incentive costs, benefits - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City's largest neighborhood association and a number of local advocacy groups will host a public forum aimed at answering the question of whether the millions of dollars the city grants developers in the name of economic development each year helps or hurts the city's taxpayers.

Fear Meth Town Life

Police investigating Independence apartment after 'suspicious device' found

The Independence Police Department is investigating a report of a suspicious package that was found in an empty apartment complex. Police reported at 5 p.m. Monday to the Independence Ridge Apartment complex, located at 19012 E. 37th Terrace. Investigators say the complex's management team entered the room and discovered the device, which was then reported to police.

Golden Ghetto Head Check

Shawnee Mission parents pushing for counselors in schools

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Shawnee Mission School District parents are asking the school board to put counselors in every school by fall 2018. At a regular school board meeting on Monday, several parents shared why they think this is so important.

Show-Me Bullet Time Crackdown

Missouri lawmakers discuss ammunition sales bill stemming from FOX 4 investigation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Missouri bill stemming from a FOX 4 investigation into ammunition sales has taken the next step toward possibly becoming law. In November 2015, FOX 4 did an investigation to find out how easy it was for a minor to purchase ammunition.

Just A Little Local Culture

New KC Opera company seeks audiences outside traditional venues

Breaking News A group of local opera singers has launched a new performance company called Opera180, with a goal of taking the artform to spaces outside of traditional settings. Opera180 shows will last 60 to 90 minutes, which is much shorter than most traditional operas.

Check Spring Training Hype

Kansas City Royals: Bats explode in 10-6 win over SF

On the heels of a 4-4 tie with the Athletics, the Kansas City Royals' bats caught fire in a 10-6 win over the Giants. Read below for a breakdown of what went right, what went wrong and what's next for the team.

Kansas City Booze News

Tap List | Apex Aleworks Begins Brewery Construction

The owner of an Independence, Missouri, homebrew supply shop has plans to provide inspiration to hobbyist brewers in the Kansas City area. By April, Jeremy Parratt, owner of Apex Brew and BBQ Supplies (4360 Noland Road, Independence, Missouri), plans to open Apex Aleworks, a 1,500-square-foot brewery and 49-seat taproom.

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  1. So now the golden ghetto mommies think the schools need to be responsible for the mental health care of their brats. Prime example of parents wanting someone else to be responsible for their kids while someone else picks up the bill.

  2. ^^^So now we have to listen to geezers with more time than friends? This is a prime example of a geezer thinking he has something to say that anybody wants to hear.

  3. Why not @ 9:04? Apparently you think you have something to say that anyone wants to hear. At least @ 7:37 addressed the topic, all you can do is keyboard-vomit.

  4. N 2 Creeper Kinks2/27/18, 11:07 AM

    ^9:04 applied to be a volunteer at the schools. Nice guy, huh? Nope. Pervy BathHouse buttboi filled in that "List 3 main volunteer interests" part of the form with:

    1.Extensive experience in boys' locker room/showers/bathroom monitoring.

    2.Posing as a nude model for middle school art classes is a main interest.

    3.Helping in sewing classrooms with taking body measurements, buttons and zippers inspections, and pinning try-ons for fittings/alterations.

  5. I am so glad @7:37AM addressed the topic. They were able to make a difference! Fuck you @10:54AM, all that worthless geezer did was complain and call names. That's all ANY OF YOU EVAR DO! Now change your fucking diapers. It's 65 degrees outside you gerries. Get out once in a while!

  6. So why did no prosecutor charge Fox 4 with a myriad of felonies involving the juvenile purchasing ammo on their behalf??? Oh~! Because they support the libtard cause...

  7. 12:02 Freedom of speech does not protect you from the consequences of saying stupid shit.

  8. ^^^Go outside retard! It's too nice to be inside crying like a little bitch!

    1. ^Sez buttboi who is in the BathHouse stall on his knees 24/7. Except for a little bit of deep diving into the Plaza bushes by the Cheesecake Factory, occasionally!

  9. Cordish is business partners with Kushner Properties here at P&L. There's a money laundry scheme in Mumbai they are wanting their 100 million back.

  10. The TIF forum was very interesting. I don't think Scott Taylor will be getting my vote anytime soon--evidently he's Kay Barnes in drag when it comes to TIFs.


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