Sunday, February 11, 2018

Kansas City Toy Train Critics Take Arguments Against Streetcar Transit To Omaha

Sadly, this article is hidden behind a paywall but we're all pretty well-versed in the toy train debate . . . What's important here is that locals are engaged throughout the nation in attempting to debunk streetcar hype that's mostly unchallenged locally AND KC as an example of streetcar's economic benefit is now something beyond a one-sided story.

Midlands Voices: A streetcar is undesired

The writer is director of municipal policy at the Show-Me Institute in Kansas City, Missouri, a think tank that promotes public policies that advance free- market principles. As Omahans consider spending hundreds of millions of dollars for a streetcar system, proponents point to Kansas City as an example of a successful system.


Anonymous said...

Oh meddling in Omaha's business now?

You should mark this as a promo since it's bought and paid for.

Anonymous said...

Funny. The latest Murdoch Mystery, set in Toronto in the early 1900s, points out the limitations of fixed rail transit.

The limitations are still there. Only the people with vested interests and nostalgia buffs are pushing the return to the past.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, see you guys at the KC Streetcar expansion groundbreaking.

Anonymous said...

Someone with vested interests.

Anonymous said...

Very good Patrick. The toot toot will be slowed a little in Omaha. At least they print the truth up there.