Saturday, February 03, 2018

Kansas City Suburbs & Urban Core Evolve Amid Rampant Real Estate Speculation

One last look at a recent study which offered a hopeful glimpse for housing throughout the metro but failed to note that so many developments are nothing more than taxpayer-subsidized ponzi schemes that almost never live up to expectations.

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Demographic Shifts Keeping Kansas City Suburbs and Urban Core Viable - Urban Land Magazine

Kansas City's suburbs have fueled population growth in the metropolitan area over the last 70 years, a post-World War II pattern common across most large cities in the United States, and it does not appear that expansion is slowing anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Where ever white people go, neighborhoods thrive. Where ever the coloreds go, neighborhoods die. Simple as that

Reality KC said...

^^^ You seem to be doing okay in your trailer park. Obviously haven't left in years and years and years and years.

Anonymous said...

The population is in flux due to section 8 circulating turds in the bowl.

Anonymous said...

marc, an age old obscure and useless organization. Most developers and their investors should be shot for obvious reasons.