Kansas City Regional Law Enforcement Memorial Garden Tribute Revealed Today

Amid a racial uprising and a brutal campaign season, recently deadly attacks against police endured an uptick . . . Around the same time, Kansas City leaders began devising a way to honor fallen denizens of law enforcement . . .

Here's what they came up with at around a cost of $600K to KCMO . . .

"The Regional Law Enforcement Memorial Garden honors and celebrates the men and women who have laid down their lives in the line of duty. Located at the Regional Police Academy, the garden is envisioned as a sequence of ever-changing spaces that tell the stories of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, as well as to honor past and current officers and their families, who make daily sacrifices to serve and protect . . .

"The Regional Law Enforcement Memorial Garden is a collaboration between the Regional Police Academy and the cities it serves, the Law Enforcement Foundation, Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation, the City of Fountains, and the families of those who have lost loved ones in the line of duty."

We talked about this previously when there was a fountain involved but now it seems like the plans have scaled back a git and refocused on digital storytelling over running water.

"The Memorial is unlike any in the country. It will honor all local, state and federal officers in Kansas City who were killed in the line of duty. We plan to incorporate a technological feature which will tell the stories of these officers."

Council Lady Heather Hall is leading the way on this effort and sponsoring an ordinance of behalf of the tribute.

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Fox4: A campaign to honor law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty seeks to raise $4 million to create a law enforcement memorial garden.

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  1. A very worthwhile project. Maybe some of the local hotels and luxury living spaces can contribute the City's share of 600,000?

  2. Maybe they shouldn't have been cops.

  3. ^^We will also blast away at any geezer who we feel talks to much, displays ignorant and racist tendencies, has a foul order of fetid diaper, and generally won't shut up.

  4. Any memorials for Andrew Finch, Antonio Garcia or John Albers?

  5. More wasted money..... what’s wrong with the ones they already have?

  6. There's three empty pillars across from the Downtown Police Station. How much did Parks & Rec shell out for that one?

  7. I love the police force but 4 mil is a lot to spend when the city needs to stop crime so these officers don't get killed.

  8. Almost all the money comes from private funds. My family will donate to the cause. Looking forward to taking my family to spend time there.

  9. The $600,000 came from PIAC. The city's Public Improvements Advisory Committee. The primary function of the Public Improvements Advisory Committee (PIAC) is to solicit resident input and make recommendations regarding both the citywide and neighborhood portions of the capital budget.

    I don't remember any public input or conversation on this topic. While it is eligible under their guidelines, I don't remember it as part of the campaign to renew the tax. Thought we were going to fix our horrible infrastructure.

    Love and respect the police for all they do. Don't confuse the issue.


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